Monday, February 8, 2010

Few changes.

The title "Want Beer With That" began as a title holder until I decided whether or not I wanted to take the plunge to run with

I'm pretty sure a lot of people were really confused as to why I gave my blog that title when my blog has little to nothing to do with beer.

I took the plunge. I'm now linked to The Teenagers forever.

But don't get it twisted. I have no plans to take this seriously - no advertising, no blog business cards, no taking bashing seriously (yes, my face is wonky & my chin is sharp, but at least my teeth are straight - thanks, Dr. Womble). In fact, I may decide to be snarkier than ever and finally implement my long stemmed idea of "Shitty Blog of the Week" crowns. The blogging world takes themselves too seriously these days.

If you're looking for "serious" fashion blogs, there's a list of them under the page "friends & more." Take your pick.


  1. i always did wonder about the name of you blog but i love the new permanent alias :) shitty blog of the week...should be interesting lol

  2. Great post, I completely agree with you about the "blogging world" and them taking it so seriously.