Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pink and purple hues

Sorry about being a little M.I.A. lately. I had to take out some time to do some non-Internet activities. A few friends just came back into town. And then I went and watched "The Dark Knight" on IMAX. It was worth it, which is very rare for me to say. I hate spending money watching movies, especially when I feel like they will eventually be shown on television (where I can watch it for free).

But here's my promised Chanel nail polish post...

They came in a beautifully packaged box...

I know that you've seen how Rodeo Drive (purple) one looks like from my previous WIWT posts. It's an absolutely lovely lilac color. If you look at the bottle, it appears that it has a metallic color to it, but when you put it on, it doesn't. It's fantastically thick, too. I didn't have to put on a top coat on either of these.

But Melrose (pink) doesn't really sit well with me. I don't know why I got this because I'm not a huge fan of either pink or red hues on my nails. I should have gotten the yellow instead. But for those who love the Barbie, plastic-y sort of pink, then you're going to love Melrose. It's really thick as well.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

i wear my heart around my waist

I've been a bit lazy with my outfit postings mostly because dressing for the office is so difficult. This is from yesterday. I went to Mary's to watch the newest episode of "Project Runway" and mooch some free pizza.

The new "PR" is absolute garbage, by the way. I can't believe they thought that girl's ribbon corseting, one shoulder, ice skating costume was good. It was the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Whatever Michael Kors is smoking, it better be damn good.

t-shirt. T-Luxury. dress. American Apparel. jacket. Bunka (HK). belt. H&M. bag. Gucci.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

i want to be a fairy

When I saw these shoes in the new Balenciaga ads in Vogue, I literally drooled. Well, I was eating a lollipop and it fell out of my mouth. But the shoes are absolutely orgasmic.

I love the little glass heel. This is the shoe Cinderella would have worn to the ball if she was lucky enough to have Nicholas Ghesquiere as a fairy godfather. (Oh god, can you imagine how insanely incredibly breathtaking you would look if this were to happen? Screw Prince Charming, just take over the entire empire with your fabulous frock!)

I might just have to attempt to procure one of these. Of course, this would mean that I would be selling my soul to the devil, as that is the only way I would be able to afford them.

from thursday, with love

This is what I wore on Thursday, the last outfit photo taken before the weekend of struggles. I didn't photograph myself on Friday because I literally wore a white T-shirt and jeans as the casual Friday uniform. How unimaginative, I know.

top. FCUK. bottom. FCUK. shoes. Carlos by Carlos Santana.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

do your thang

I've been a bad blogger. My burfday (yes, this is how I spell it) was on Thursday, so I've been quite busy celebrating it. Immediately after work, I went to happy hour @ Houlihan's with some friends. If you were in East Atlanta last night and saw a girl teetering around in floral wedges and a black pleated dress jumping off sidewalk benches, that was me. Whoops.

But I did manage to stop by Barnes & Noble and pick up July's i-D magazine. It was based around the Seoul Fashion Week and had a lot of profiles of upcoming Korean designers. But best of all, they had a short editorial & interview with one of my favorite models, Daul Kim.

I like her because she's so nontraditional and traditional at the same time. She's definitely not the cookie cutter generically "beautiful" Asian, but she has harsh, stark, peculiar beauty that simply cannot be undenied. Oh, and she has super long hair and great pouty lips.

Be sure to check out her blog i like to fork myself. She has very interesting perspectives about Korean society (which really echo my own opinions).

source: iliketoforkmyself

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i kept touching my dress

Today I wore this great little accordion style jumper for my first day at my new job. It wasn't the best fashion choice as I spent most of my day touching my skirt and rubbing my hands up and down my ass and legs. It's made out of a lightweight linen, so it's got this great texture. I couldn't help myself.

I'm rather exhausted today and didn't feel much like blogging. But I finally got those Chanel nail polishes that I talked about, so I'll definitely be making an entry on that soon. I just put on a coat of the purple (Rodeo Drive), but tonight I'm going to be adding my nail art. We shall see what will happen.

t-shirt. Proenza Schouler for Target. jumper. Alexander Wang. shoes. Steve Madden. watch. Bulova.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

off to ballet class

I always get so much flack for this skirt. Friends & family always comment by asking, "Are you going to ballet class today?" I took ballet when I was 7 for about a year, and my tutu didn't look as fabulous as this.

These are my only pair of sneakers. They're from the Alexander McQueen for Puma line but were never released for production. I don't know why as they're a really fantastic pair of shoes. Unfortunately, I don't think it's in the taste of ATL-iens as I only get strange looks when I wear them out.

tank. H&M. skirt. H&M. shoes. McQueen for Puma. sunglasses. Saber.

dropped crotches @ h&m

I had a day off today, so I dropped by the H&M at Atlantic Station this morning. I hate Atlantic Station (there's absolutely nothing worth seeing there and all the restaurants there are positively awful) and hardly ever go there, but this is the only H&M in Atlanta that carries both women and men's lines.

I don't know if these pants have found their way around the blogosphere yet, but they're bound to be quite controversial. They don't have the best fit and are quite loose around the ankles. I think they would look best on girls with long legs and thin frames. Otherwise, I think it'll look too frumpy. The second I ended up purchasing. They're super comfortable and fun, and I can't wait to wear them.

Monday, July 14, 2008

casual monday

When I went to San Francisco last March, I only ended up buying one thing - the Levi's that I wore today. I don't know why I didn't buy anything because the Barney's in San Fran is incredible. But that's what happened.

The last time I owned Levi's was when I was 14. They were the first pair of flaired leg pants that I had, and I just about lived in them. But their sizing is a little big for me, which worked out perfectly for this season.

Maybe the sunglasses thing might end up being permanent. Maybe you will NEVER see my eyes. Unless you meet me in real life. Then I would kinda have to succumb because I hate wearing sunnies indoors. It looks ridiculous.

top. Alexander Wang. jeans. Levi's. shoes. Nine West.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

parisian chic

Seasoned blogger, the cherry blossom girl, recently revealed on her blog a collection she has designed. It hasn't gone into production yet because she's trying to gauge everyone's reactions. But I would encourage her to go ahead and send them to the factory because it's absolutely adorable. There aren't a lot of pieces, 5-6 at most, but it's so quintessentially Parisian - effortless, flawless, adorable, timeless... But don't take my word for it. You can see for yourself here.

source: the cherry blossom girl

Saturday, July 12, 2008

aggy strikes again

Agyness Deyn has been kinda ruining my life. When I see her on TV or my computer screen, I have to drop everything and look. It doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of cooking a steak or picking eye boogers off my dog. Aggy demands my full attention at all times.

So when she started walking around Manhattan with this little red clutch, I stopped and stared. Then I realized that this is the bag I've wanted for a while. It's got a chain that you can remove. You don't have to sling it over your arm and has enough space for my wallet, cell phone, and a day planner and nothing else. (When I carry big bags, I tend to carry big things. By a week's end, you will find several books, at least 2 pairs of shoes, candy wrappers, 5 packs of gum, old receipts, and other people's wallets and keys.)

I guess the only question is: do I copy Aggy and get it in red (although I'm kinda thinking that patent leather is on its way to my "old news" list) or be bold with the aubergine (purple) lizard?


i wannabe a vamp

Everyone else was enjoying their lovely Saturday while I spent mine cooped up inside a windowless building (aka, the pits of hell) working. /end pity party

I promised pics of this dress earlier, but just didn't get around to showing it off until now. It's definitely one of my favorite buys of the year. It's getting a bit hard to focus on typing as I'm finishing off another bottle of Shock-Top Belgian White. Tagline reads, "Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with spices." I don't taste any spices.

dress. Anna Sui. shoes. thrifted (Ebay). necklace. mom

Friday, July 11, 2008

kids these days

Kids these days just seem to be more fashionable at a younger age. Lourdes Leon has been on my radar lately with her fantastic teenage style. She uses nice bold colors in a simple and chic way. Definitely a budding fashionista. Can't wait to see how she grows up. Now, if only she would pay as much attention to the brows as she does on her clothes... the uni-brow is NEVER a good look, even if your mother's Madonna.

sunday best

Getting dressed up for Sunday service is a must in the South. But since I don't go to church, I figured I could pick today to put on my "Sunday best." I bought these frilly socks for $2 in Korea last year and never wore them until today. The shoes are impossible to walk in after two hours. Maybe it was a bad choice because the socks made everyone look at my feet... and thus they probably noticed me wobbling around in these 4" killers. The shoe reverend would NOT have approved!

dress. Warehouse. socks. YPZ. shoes. Miss Sixty. bag. thrifted (Oroton). sunglasses. Francois Pinton.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

stockholm in the summertime


I'm convinced the Swedes are geniuses when it comes to designing simplicity. Ikea, Volvo, Absolut vodka (I actually looked this one up), and now Acne Jeans. I'm a hugeeeee fan of the summer collection, especially with their T-shirt-esque dresses. I loved this dress in particular (called 'Belle') because it looks so demure in the front and is completely backless.

I had to wear a tube top underneath because I don't think my work would have been too happy to see my bra + backside exposed to clients.

dress. Acne Jeans. shoes. Nine West. sunglasses. F21

it's here!

I've been searching for a good lilac colored nail polish for about 4 years. I've been everywhere around the U.S., even around beauty shops in Japan and Korea, all in search for LILAC NAIL POLISH. And it'll be arriving at my house in about 2 weeks.

Chanel's limited edition Robertson collection (which has been seen on Nicky Hilton, Lily Allen, and countless others, those lucky bitches!) has finally arrived at the online store, and I ordered it as fast as I could. I was so excited that I had trouble with the checkout. I kept messing up and cursing myself, "Why didn't I make a Chanel account sooner?!?!?! I wouldn't have to waste time filling this mess out!"

But it's done and charged now, so all I can do is sit at home and pray that it gets here safely. I'll definitely be trying out some Japanese-style nail art when it gets here!

alex curran, is that you?

Earlier this summer, there was a low buzz about this top from Sisley. Agnes of Stylebytes mentioned it before her mysterious disappearance, as well as Susie Bubble and a number of others. All of that made me trek down to my local Sisley (which I haven't been to in AGES). Gay Ricky (I kid you not, that was how he referred to himself) found me the top, which I purchased immediately.

It's hard to wear, and I feel like the lion from "Chronicles of Narnia." It works nicely with wide leg pants, though I do feel like Alex Curran.

Excuse the sunnies, as I just took my shower and had on no make-up and large dark circles.

top. Sisley. bottom. Uniqlo. bag. thrifted (Oroton) sunglasses. F21