Monday, September 24, 2012

17. guy code

There's this new show on MTV2 called "Guy Code," and I've watched two days worth in giant 5 hour marathon blocks. It's ridiculous how obsessed I've become with this show considering the obvious point that I'm not a guy.

I think the appeal of the show lies in that its format is similar to the VH1 "I Love the" series, which really shaped the way I approached cable television and nostalgia. For the longest time (and even now), my greatest wish is to become a VH1 commentator. If I were to go on "Made," that would be what I'd want to be "made" into. Seriously, there's a job that pays you to talk about what you think? Cha-ching.

Sample topics covered on "Guy Code?" Being broke. (Stop talking about how broke you are; it's unattractive.) One night stands. (If you're going to tell a story about it, make sure that there's at least one embarrassing moment.) Drinking. (If they put a cherry in your drink, you should slap the bartender.) Say what you will about "Jersey Shore," I love Vinny.


Forever 21 white tee
T by Alexander Wang ruched skirt
Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle' 120mm pumps (in 100mm or in leather 100mm)
Tom Ford 'Nikita' cat eye sunglasses

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

16. i love you, club monaco

I stopped by the renovated Club Monaco store at Lenox Square and fell in love. The entire store has been gutted and redone in the most beautiful and most breathless way ever.


I'm such a Club Monaco fangirl, especially as their latest collections have just been KILLING it on the minimalist, clean, yet quirky front. There are so many details I've been adoring this season, like the knitted skirts, pencil skirts with leather panel insets, and zodiac printed silk shirts. If Club Monaco were a man, I'd marry him.

Maybe if I hung around the men's shop long enough, I'll find myself a new boyfriend?


Dear Club Monaco, I'm so sorry I took these paparazzi photos of your store. I just love it so much that I had to share. If you ever let me in to take legit photos of your new store, I swear I will not disappoint.


P.S. If you proposed to me, I wouldn't require a ring. Just get down on one knee with this Lauren Merkin gold sequin clutch. We'll take it straight to the altar.



Club Monaco leather quilted jacket
T by Alexander Wang pocket tank
Cheap Monday band aid skirt
Nike Free Run 3

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

psa: traveling

As you read this, I'll probably be standing in line waiting to get groped by TSA. (The most action I've gotten this year. Would it be too inappropriate to start singing The Divenyl's "I Touch Myself" while getting a pat down?)

Going to Asia for two weeks, so let the scheduled posting begin!

Seoul at night, from this blog

Monday, September 10, 2012

15. fashion blog speak

Have you ever noticed that fashion blogs have their own language? There are definitely a few phrases that I've noticed are specific to fashion blogs. The use (or more often, misuse) of these words stems from the fact that most fashion bloggers are not the best writers. (There are, of course, a number of exceptions to this overly generalized statement.)

I'm ridiculous, so I've kept a running tally of these phrases in my tiny Muji notebook.
  • "organic" way of dressing - trans. I found this on the floor and put it on but need an intelligent way to describe how I got dressed today.
  • "infamous" - trans. very famous (ed. note: this word is sorely misused and makes me cringe when I hear it referred in blog-speak.)
  • "working on some exciting new projects" - trans. I'm busy and have worn the same outfit for the past two weeks, explaining why there are no outfit posts.
  • "the boy/boyf/man friend/man" - trans. boyfriend.
Anything else you'd like to add to the list?

ph. by Lillie

Tommy Hilfiger canvas jacket (similar here and here)
Topshop x Christopher Kane alligator shirt
10 Crosby ikat shorts
Balenciaga cut out boots (or as loafers)

Friday, September 7, 2012

fashion's night out: atlanta 2012 - an open letter

To the team behind Fashion's Night Out - Atlanta:

Today marked my second time attending an Atlanta FNO, and the third of its kind in this city. As someone who was part of a grassroots organization as it tried to become a national NGO, I'm very aware of the difficulties that lie in coordinating and planning an event that requires more than ten people. I'm so glad to see that my city, my hometown, and my first love participates in such a large, global event and appreciate all of the hard work that was put into constructing an FNO in Atlanta last night. But there are a few things that I wish we had or think we can do better.

For one, the events were lacking. I understand that we don't have the budget or resources of a large city like New York. We are still finding our fashion footing, but aside from the promise of nibbles, drinks, and the odd trunk show, there was nothing presented that was out of the ordinary. Yes, FNO is a great platform to introduce your fall collection, but it's also a great way to introduce new customers to your brand through an innovative and interactive event.

Secondly, the space inside Lenox should be utilized better. A thematic exhibition, perhaps, like Opening Ceremony's Korea-themed FNO extravaganza, would fare so positively with shoppers and actually bring people out of their homes to spend some time (and money) at the mall. And while the tent at Shops Around Lenox was impressive, the event seemed to miss the point of FNO, which is to be fun and exciting. It's a day when fashion is energetic and creative and not presented like the Met Gala. Fashion week is a constant reminder at how stuffy the fashion industry can be; FNO is the night where we can celebrate how fun and inviting fashion can be.

Another point that FNO-Atlanta seems to miss is the importance of engaging bloggers. There is no greater way to create buzz around an event than through bloggers. The best part is that the advertising is FREE! Get us excited about the event and we'll be posting about it not only on our blogs but all of the other social mediums we're addicting to updating constantly (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Four Square... am I missing anything?).

I'm a realistic girl. I don't expect to see Phillip Lim mixing cocktails for shoppers inside Nordstrom's or Rachel Roy handing out cupcakes inside Macy's with her signature smile. But I think we can do better. Our city deserves better.


Monday, September 3, 2012

14. waiting

There are quite a few things that baffle me about Korean dramas. But one thing that always gets my panties all bunched up is the waiting.

There is always a segment in which the lead man or woman waits a stupidly long time for the person they love to arrive or talk to them. For instance, I'm catching up on "My Princess" on Netflix and there is a moment when Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun) sits outside of Lee Seoul (Kim Tae Hee)'s house for hours in order to talk to her. I mean, in one scene, the sun is out. In the next scene, the sun has set, and he's still outside her front door. 


I know this segment is supposed to be touching and romantic, but if you saw someone standing outside your house for hours at a time, is that what you would think? 

I guess what I find more incredulous about the situation is that I'm all too aware of Koreans and their marriage to impatience. (see: bbalee-bbalee culture) For a country that considers waiting 5 minutes at the bank a national travesty, I refuse to believe that there is a man out there - a Korean man, nonetheless - who is willing to wait for HOURS. IN THE COLD. Psh, yeah right.


Forever 21 letterman sweater
Isabel Marant cotton mesh tank
H&M white organic tank
Gap 'Audrey' pocket mini skirt
Alexander Wang 'Freja' lace up boots
Vintage Gucci doctor bag