Monday, July 30, 2012

this 'n that, pt. 1

My growing paranoia about bunions has led me to expand my collection of flats and sneakers. While I've always hoarded cheap flats, venturing into the world of sneakers has been a new experience for me. I have a hard time compromising the maximalist and functionalist in me when it comes to footwear, but discovered the solution in a pair of the glittery Supras.


Alexander McQueen x Puma 'Scythe' and Supra Women's 'Skytop'

Friday, July 27, 2012

9. i hate the news

Some days, I really hate growing up.

Lately, all I've been reading are articles on how we're too busy to do anything except work and that the older we get, the more likely we are to die alone since we lose the ability to make friends. I also get to top off the day with repeated news stories about how Atlanta has one of the worst transportation systems in the country and that young people are turned off from coming here because of it. (All those potential friends I could be making are going elsewhere!)

If I had it my way, I would never read the news again. All you get are stories about how we're failing as a nation or killing off our potential. Then in the local news, you've got a murder rampage, a giant jewelry heist, and a child stabbing. Life is depressing enough without having to deal with other crazy people's problems. Unfortunately, if you're not up to date with the dumb things that are happening around you, everyone thinks you're an idiot for not keeping up with the news. It's a vicious cycle.

I miss those days in the playground where the biggest worry was whether or not you could beg your parents for the latest My Little Pony or Sally Pocket. You never know how good you had it until you're slammed in the face with the 267 page report on how Penn State knew about Sandusky's pedophiliac preferences.

What local or national story has been drilled in your head lately? Does it make you want to pull out your hair, too? Let's start a club.


Spicy Color peter pan collar blouse
Hollister camo skirt*
Prada suede bow sandals

*I still can't believe I haven't thrown this away. If it were a tad bit longer, I would never give it away.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

style files: osheaga bound (music festival style guide)

For the past few weeks, thoughts about Osheaga, Montreal's music festival, have been running through my mind. I went to Bonnaroo in 2009 and swore that I would never go to another outdoor event like that again. But when Becca mentioned that Osheaga's line up and the fact that it was in Montreal, I was sold. (Okay, I was really convinced after she told me that there was no camping. I can't do the whole port-a-potty thing again. Once in a lifetime was more than enough.) Can you believe that this is going to be my first trip into Canada, albeit the French speaking part?

In honor of all things Santigold, M83, and Justice, I've put together a few style guides in dressing for your typical outdoor music festival.

Grungy Cali Fashionista

You like all things that have crosses and spikes and wore them way before everyone and their moms started studding everything in sight. You also pride yourself on the fact that you wore Litas before the bloggers stole your fashion idea, and are convinced that Erin Wasson copied your signature look. You probably go to art school/design school.
Favorite site:
Osheaga artists: The Black Keys (for the commercial), Black Lips

grungy cali fashoinista

Indie Rap Girl

You grew up listening to 2Pac and Biggie and initiated yourself into the music scene during the east-west rivalry. Now that you're older, it's all about the new generation of rap artists who haven't been sold out to doing pop collabs with Drake. A streetwear queen, you wear the big labels like Supreme but have carved out a little niche to bring some flash.
Favorite site:
Osheaga artists: A$AP Rocky, Killer Mike, Santigold

Indie Rap Girl

Dubstep Diva

Skrillex hair? Please, everyone knows that Alice Dellal started that trend. And the minute she did it, you followed in suit. Too good for what's become "commercialized" dubstep, it's all about finding the newest in the electronic music craze. Glowsticks are child's play. You'd rather wear the cosmos on your body.
Favorite site:
Osheaga artists: Knife Party, Birdy Nam Nam, Madeon

Dubstep Diva

Folk Fairy

You play the ukelele and have seen every Zooey Deschanel film. "500 Days of Summer" is your mantra, and your dream man is the sensitive Ryan Gosling in "Lars and the Real Girl." You plan on chomping on kale bars and championing flower power. Most likely to wear closed toe shoes in sweltering hot weather, probably Buster Browns or lace up oxfords.
Favorite site:
Osheaga artists: James Vincent McMorrow, Andrew Bird, Feist
Folk Fairy

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

review: lure, midtown

I'm one of those ridiculously superstitious people who believe in all kinds of omens, including the ones that they make up, and so when I heard that Lure (of the Fifth Group) was opening on my birthday, I knew it was going to be a good sign. I feel like the two key components of a good birthday are good drinks and really good food, and Lure really didn't disappoint.


They're one of the few places in Atlanta (and the only true Western restaurant) to feature shochu prominently in their drink list. For those unfamiliar with the Japanese distilled beverage, it's the most similar to vodka. I have a few personal issues with shochu (being Korean and all - soju was first!), but that's all for another day.


I decided not to opt for a cocktail and instead went with a prosecco they had on tap. (What? Prosecco on tap? It's a recipe for disaster, a beautiful disaster.) 


As for the menu, I feel like one of Lure's strong points is the shared plate menu. Though I'm aware that plate sharing isn't something that's necessarily embraced by American (or much of the western hemisphere), it's straight up my alley. I love the opportunity to taste all points of the menu without having to consume the contents of each plate. With items like shrimp scampi and scallops (both items ordered), this menu is truly ideal for groups who are comfortable enough to share.

Clam Chowder
Shrimp Scampi
Seared Scallops

But hands down, my favorite dish of the night was the Georgia rainbow trout (with head attached). The only times I've ever been served a fish with head in tact is at a Korean restaurant in which my family members and I have to fight over who gets the head. For those of you who have been so blissfully unaware, the fish head is the tastiest part of the fish. (This is not up for debate. Seriously. I will have to duel you if you disagree. And the fish head is going to give me the virility to beat you.) It's so easy to oversalt a fish like this at restaurants, and I was so happy to discover that Lure didn't go overboard.

Instructions for first timers
Rainbow Trout
Rainbow trout, perfectly cooked

The only part of the menu that I felt was a bit bland was the dessert menu. The offerings were quite traditional (brownie sundae, various types of ice cream, cheese plate, etc.) and nothing really stood out to me. While the blueberry cream pie was good, I was more impressed with the meal itself, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Blueberry cream pie

1106 Crescent Ave.
(404) 817-3650
5:30pm - 10:00pm (dinner only, for the time being)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8. 140 character gem

Crazy friends. We all have at least one.

Mine is ridiculous, in the greatest sense of the word. He's notorious for his high grade antics, ability to push people's buttons, and an uncanny sense of knowing the worst places to vomit. He's recently joined Twitter, which has proved to be his social medium.
On Michael Phelps: he is a butterface. you know you'd climb that tree with the lights off. stick all eight gold medals up your butthole. just me?

On Burning Man: Rahul + drugs + alchol + lots of wizards + damn desert = people are gonna die

On Euro 2012: why can't they just lose the shirts? ...and the shorts...and the dick cups. what are those called?

On work: i got caught googling pregnancy pillows at work today...they look so comfortable #pregnancyenvy

On Pinterest's DIY inspiration: don't people know we can tell when they make stuff out of trash? you ain't upcycling toilet paper rolls! throw that mess away!

You can crack up at his musings by following him on Twitter.

*All of these photos came out deliciously awkward, but I'm too buzzed off my Stella to care. Belgium beer FTW!

Sohung Designs zipper jersey dress
Zara blazer
Chloe Kirsten wedges
Gucci bamboo tote
Tom Ford 'Nikita' cat eye sunglasses

Friday, July 13, 2012

7. great expectations

"We spent as much money as we could, and got as little for it as people could make up their minds to give us. We were always more or less miserable, and most of our acquaintance were in the same condition. There was a gay fiction among us that we were constantly enjoying ourselves, and a skeleton truth that we never did."
- Great Expectations, Charles Dickens
I have a confession. I only present the prettiest parts of my life on this blog. Nothing seen here is reality, not in its truest form, at least. And I think this bit of honesty rings true for every single blogger out there.

As creatures of the 21st century, we are highly stylized voyeurs. Obsessively observing the lives of others has been inculcated to a point where we no longer recognize it as a form of abnormal behavior. What began with invasive paparazzi photos of our favorite celebrities has evolved into a culture of self-absorption and narcissism. Anyone who says that their blog isn't a form of vanity is a liar.

I suppose I'm writing this as part PSA, part musing. Nothing is ever as good as it seems. If you scratch beneath the surface, you'll realize that the roses smell like poo.


SS08 Alexander Wang* shift dress
Zara blazer
Prada suede bow sandals
Celine micro luggage tote

*I've been revisiting this dress a lot lately, as well as some of the other pieces I have from his SS08/FW08 collections. I never realized how much these two collections resonated with me until I saw the runway photos again. I'm beginning to realize that for the past four years, I've been attempting to build these two shows in my closet. So many questions answered.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6. the end of an era

I've come to the end of an era - my clubbing era. No longer will I don a tiny skirt paired with an equally tiny top. I refuse to spend one more night in nice shoes, wondering if I'll be picking up an STD from the floor. I won't be taking any more shots - vodka shots, tequila shots, or body shots - and will only drink from things that are [adjective] glass that are taller than 4".  (That's what she said.)

After a recent saunter to the local Atlanta scene, I've realized that not only have I outgrown it, but it's outgrown me. Life is already a giant competition. I don't need to make myself feel horrible about my age by hanging around a giant group of blessedly naive college students/recent grads and their delusions of grandeur. I'd much prefer to spend an evening with a bunch of friends drinking multiple bottles of wine and looking up yearbook photos of politicians while telling bizarre stories collected from the DailyMail.

The fact is, I'm not only "too old for this shit," I deserve better than this. So, dear sequin skirt, it was fun while it lasted. But it's about time I retired you to the nearest Goodwill so another pretty young thing stick figure can enjoy you. Au revoir!

ph. by Lillie

Isabel Marant cotton mesh top
3.1 Phillip Lim paperbag skirt
Loeffler Randall 'Zaira' mesh and suede booties
Celine micro luggage tote

Saturday, July 7, 2012

review: southern art, buckhead

Continuing in my tradition of mastering the art of blog food, I recently had brunch at Southern Art, located in the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead. Technically, I ate breakfast, but I'm beginning to see the merits of enjoying a hotel breakfast when you're not staying in a hotel. There are a few guarantees: the service, decor, and the lack of an atmosphere where you wonder if you're eating breakfast or trying to have a conversation at a baseball game.


Run by Art Smith of Oprah fame, one of the restaurant's greatest features is the Bourbon Bar. I normally have no problems with morning libations, but hard liquor felt a bit excessive before noon. Another night, perhaps?


All in all, a solid brunch choice and a great place to dress up for a gab session with your girlfriends. It's also probably the only place in Atlanta where you could delude yourself into playing out a scene from "Sex and the City." (I call Carrie.)

Healthy Start Breakfast
Eggs Benedict