Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Five Things

New tradition!

Every Wednesday, I'm going to list five things I did since Monday. Please share yours in the comment section.

  1. Downloaded Ace of Base's 1993 album, The Sign, which includes hit singles "The Sign," "Happy Nation," and... do I need to go on? I think you guys remember these jams.
  2. Went to Whole Foods, bought a baguette, only to see that it had broken in half by the time I reached check out. Still went home & ate it.
  3. Watched all season four episodes of "Mary, Queen of Shops." The first one with the bakery is beyond words.
  4. Went to the midnight premiere of "Eclipse" and saw the craziest people in the world. They were almost as insane as this woman.
  5. Received my Kindle and immediately downloaded all novels by Henry James. I think I like him because he's an expat who wrote about upper middle class/upper class life in the late 19th/early 20th century.

Ziba's Wine Bar - Grant Park

On Sunday, Lillie and I went in search of tapas after shooting our party photos. We first tried the Iberian Pig, but found that they didn't operate on Sundays, so we hopped in our car in the sweltering heat to drive down Boulevard for Ziba's Wine Bar. As we passed notorious Atlanta landmarks on BLVD, I kept thinking of one thing: I don't care how "gentrified" Grant Park is getting, you can't pay me a million dollars to live on Boulevard. NO EFFING WAY.

That said, there are certain charms of having a restaurant in an old neighborhood. Lillie pointed out the original detailing in the ceiling, which we both loved. If you have a super elaborate ceiling like that, very little decoration is necessary. Anything more could so easily be overkill. The food was pleasant enough, but like others, I, too, had an issue with the medjool dates. I've fell in love with them after trying them with Sunny at avec in Chicago, and nothing's measured up since then. Ziba's needed some kind of sauce - it was just too much solid with celery and a huge chunk of cheese. Also, something saltier might be better to pair with the dates since they're so incredibly sweet.




The medjool dates.

The Greek salad had artichokes, major plus for me.

Crab cake & lamb meatballs. Really loved the meatballs.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

an empty nest still leaves a space

Today, Lillie and I shot some photos to use for our birthday extravaganza. This is the second birthday we're celebrating jointly - the first being our 21st where we went all out and rented a party bus. The experience was a bit surreal as our bus driver had a Quasimodo-like hump on his back. It kinda blows your mind when you've been drinking since 10am in the hot, humid, July summer.

We coincidentally ended up having a mad tea party. Mostly because it's a mad, mad world. Or maybe we're mad. Ultimately, the fact lies within that we're mad people living in a mad world.




Me: top, Topshop. skirt, Korean street market. shoes, Alexander Wang.
Lillie: hat, Korean street market. bodysuit, AA. tank, ???. shirt, F21. shoes, Miss L Fire.

Friday, June 25, 2010

like a wall of stars, we are ripe to fall

Funny how the last post was about cleaning closets because this dress is actually from Jinah's closet. After grabbing dinner at Mezcalito's a few weeks back, I raided her gigantic, overflowing room (her room is actually her closet & it's like a gigantic treasure trove of stuff). I tried on the Salvatore Ferregamo collection she found at a thrift store in Birmingham, while she produced this dress which she insisted was too small for her. I wore this nearly everyday in Seoul and loved how it would never wrinkle.

This is the cuff that I wrote about - it's what I would picture Wilma Flintstone to wear if she upgraded her rock necklace for a cuff. Unfortunately, my wrists are too little to do the piece justice.






Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Inside Peek

This is actually the fourth time I've constructed my closet in the past two years. I feel ill thinking about the many hours I have wasted on organizing my closet. I probably could've written a thesis deconstructing the Asian myth and its direct impact on Asian-American feminism. And then presented it to a panel of leading theorists.

But it looks like I'll be doing it again at least two more times this year, as I'm moving to Seoul in July. I haven't really told this to many people, so if you find out by reading this, then... SURPRISE! The story is kinda complicated, but I'm going because this surgery (not plastic, but wouldn't you like it if I cared that much about my vanity) I'm getting costs less and is done better there. America isn't the leader in medicine anymore - at least not in this particular field. So, I'm going to be out of commission for at least a week, but I plan on queuing up some posts for then.

Back to the closet. Here are my clothes. They are arranged according to length and then color. Except the dresses are just a mish-mash of what I wear the most often in front & least in the back. When I was editing my photos, I realized that you can clearly see my underwear. My grandmother would not approve, but I don't think she understands the concept of a blog. She flipped out when I tried to explain Facebook. "Why would you want to post photos of yourself where everyone can see them?!?! There are perverts on the internet!"

I love white hangers.

The retired shoes...


The rotating collection...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brief Encounter with Seoul

Nearly a week after I got back from Europe, I left again for Seoul on a 10 day mini trip. It was mostly for family stuff, so I didn't have a lot of time to wander around and do the normal things I would do on vacay.

A cafe chain in Seoul. Their macaroons suck.


Got these right before I left for Seoul. Thanks Solestruck! Everyone in Seoul stared at my feet.

A famous writer lived in my mom's hometown, and this was his house.

Probably the most important thing in a Korean house. This is where they ferment the kimchi, dwen-jang, etc.

Gwanghwamun at night. It's really amazing. This photo doesn't do it justice. That's King Se-jong, the father of the Korean language.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

love is like a stubborn youth

Moved house for the umpteenth time this year. Things are still in boxes & I keep forgetting to put on jewelry when I leave the house since it's in a hidden corner of my closet. I always feel naked.

I received a cuff that I designed a few weeks ago, but I'm having trouble with production. Plus, it's completely massive and therefore incredibly expensive. But it'll receive its debut very soon here.




top, Christopher Kane x Topshop. blazer, from Korea. lace skirt, from Korea. heels, Alexander Wang.

Monday, June 21, 2010

London Calling - Midtown

Last Thursday, Jinah and I went to the London Calling fashion show at the Invesco building. The newly opened boutique features a lot of my favorites like Topshop, Alexander McQueen, & Vivienne Westwood for women and my ultimate mens' lines like Ben Sherman and Paul & Joe. The space is sparse, and there wasn't a lot of stock. I'm hoping that's going to change. I also hope they get in more things than tiny dresses that translate well into Atlanta nightlife and little else. I want some Kate Moss x Topshop & other exclusives!

For those in ATL who have yet to experience the goodness that London could offer a shopaholic, I could see this boutique as a good go-to spot. I've already alerted my Midtown gays, so they'll probably set food in there. I spotted a few pieces perfect for my alternate GBF, especially those Converses with the union jack on the sides.

Located: Peachtree Street, in the Invesco building.





Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 14- Last Day in Europe

The final day of the European Tour of 2010 ended in Paris. The Paris excursion was rounded off by a visit to the new Paris and a visit to the famous Parisians and Francophiles buried at Pere Lachere. I passed out the final night at Mama Shelter, a Phillip Starck masterpiece with his signature quirky touches. Who can hate on a bed lamp with a Batman mask? I love modernism.

Le Grande Arche.






Heloise & Abelard, together finally in death.

I don't think this needs a caption.

I felt offended by this. I'm torn between deciding if Wilde would've loved this or hated it.


109 rue de Bagnolet

Entrance to the room.

The bed.

iMacs for TVs.

The bathroom.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 13- Paris


Afternoon cafe au lait break.


Apartments near the steps to Montmartre.

Sacre Coeur.