Wednesday, November 14, 2012

22. cheaters, buicks, and dramaland

Since most of my offline life revoles around dramas (more so lately as the weather has gotten chilly, leaving me wanting to spend my evenings wrapped up in a Sofia cashmere blanket with a large mug of hot chocolate), I've been caught up with the idea of cheating boyfriends courtesy of "In Need of Romance 1" (로맨스가 필요해 1). Pegged as Korea's answer to "Sex and the City," the show revolves around the lives of three 33-year-old best friends navigating through the murky waters of relationships, marriage, and work. While most of the sex scenes are absolutely cringeworthy with their awkwardness, the plot does raise a number of valid points about cheating spouses.

In a complicated web of feelings and memories, the main character In-young is torn between wanting to forgive her director boyfriend of 10 years for cheating with a young and beautiful actress. The majority of the show asks both In-young and the viewers to waver between her choosing the cheater who's eaten up most of her youth or the younger, good looking heir of a major hotel chain. To me, this is no contest.

And not just because he's taller, more athletic, better looking, and a bag of cash. (Although all of those points do help - let's face it, drama land.) He treats her better. He treats her like a princess. He's the conglomeration of all the good guy characters that Korean dramas push into our faces. The white knight in a black Buick SUV. (For some reason, Koreans leave to feature rich people driving cars that most people in America would think as middle class. Import taxes rendered these cars as luxury vehicles in Korea, pre-FTA. I think things are much different now.)

Granted I've never been in a situation like this, so I don't understand people who would choose to stay with the cheater boyfriend, complete with the paranoia that he might commit the same crime again. Am I the only one who would go for the new model? Even if he is in a Buick? Please, tell me I'm not the only one.

Also, I would tell my friend who is the president/owner of a successful e-commerce site that rakes in a revenue in the millions to give up her hatchback Ford Focus/Smart Car for something that would better fit her nearly 6'0 frame.


HM leather peplum top (similar here)
Alexander Wang silk tiered skirt (FW08)
long pearl necklace (similar here)
Gucci vintage doctor bag (similar here)
HM scarf
Thakoon knotted harness boots (similar here)

Monday, November 12, 2012

atlanta: buckhead container store

I was invited to the opening of the new Container Store at the corner of Wieuca Rd. and Peachtree St. on Thursday evening and was really blown away. It was, hands down, the best Atlanta store opening I've ever seen. With delicious catered foods, free flowing dranks, and a live band, no fashion event in Atlanta could compare. The presentation of everything was ooh-worthy. Maybe it was a good thing you couldn't buy anything that night because anyone could be slowly convinced to drop $2K on a customized Elfa closet after all that.


I never thought of using organizers from The Container Store to present hors d'oeuvres, though it should come to no shock after being a reader of Luxirare for a few years. My personal favorites were these bamboo trays used to hold these delicious pork buns.


Although the presentation of the whoopee pies in these bright colored drawers made for a refreshing change that I'll definitely be looking into for my next dinner party.


Thanks, Container Store for the invite!

Monday, November 5, 2012

[travel]: dahlonega, north georgia wineries

I had a friend visit over the weekend and took the opportunity to head north to Georgia's wine county. Nestled around the town of Dahlonega, the number of Georgia's wineries have grown in the past few years. Although we initially attempted to go to all of them, we quickly realized that wine tastings weren't conducive to driving. Or walking. Or being out in public.

We began at Blackstock Vineyards where they had an 8 wine tasting menu for $10. I was torn between their '07 and '08 Ace Reserves. Nothing like a fine, smooth red wine!


The day ended at Frogtown, where we opted for lunch (hand pressed paninis!) and a glass of wine (orange colored rose!). Unfortunately, we were also treated to a healthy dose of entitled attitudes. A group of grown men (mid 40s, early 50s) sat behind us, discussing the effects of Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island, saying that the people who are stranded and in need of rescue and help should be left to die for their "stupidity." The angel on my shoulder hopes that they're lucky enough to never experience the type of devastation that's struck so many people - losing their homes, family members, all of their possessions. But most of me hopes that bastard goes home to find everything they've known burnt to the ground. (With a can full of gas and a handful of matches, and still weren't found out.)


Everyday I'm alive, I lose faith in humanity. I'm starting to hope that 2012 is real. Although it would be nice if the apocalypse would only take away the real "idiots."


Zara leopard studded shirt
Gap 'Audrey' pocket skirt (similar here)
Sam Edelman 'Pax' studded boots
Gucci bamboo handle bag
Chanel sunglasses

Thursday, November 1, 2012

[travel]: hong kong 2012


I had a little more than two days to spend in Hong Kong, but with work priorities taking over normal hours, I barely had enough time to sleep, eat, and catch up on lost episodes of "Jjak (짝)." But I was lucky enough to meet up with Sam from Sam Is Home and illustrator extraordinaire Emily Eldridge. Unfortunately, I wasn't at 100% and couldn't stop talking about my new favorite Korean matchmaking show. We went to Wired Cafe for some sweet desserts before I got to see some of Hong Kong's finest residents, roaches.


I've also started to regularly visit Din Tai Fung on every trip to Hong Kong. Obsessed with their handmade dumplings, but not a giant fan of their enormous wait. Luckily, I didn't have to wait at all this time around, and it was a matter of moments before I had those flour made soup sacks exploding in my mouth. (Har har.)


If all plans go right, I hopefully won't have to wait another year before I get to visit again! Cross all those fingers.