Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yeah Burger - West Midtown

I was so grateful for Friday's arrival this week. The weekend has finally begun! It's a huge weekend for me, as it's my barfday weekend! (Ain't no party like a boat party, and the boat party don't stop...)

Met up with a few girlfriends for an early dinner at Yeah! Burger, a venture by Shaun Doty of Shaun's in Inman Park. The buns are baked by Holeman & Finch, and the burgers are grass fed (which, according to Jonathan Safran Foer, means nothing, and I have to agree). The toppings are amazing, and I love the variety of sauces they have. (Bacon jam is pretty poppin'.) Atlanta is going through a burger phase right now, and when there are so many options available why waste your money? I'd definitely go back, and skip over Farm Burger any day.



Turkey burger.


  1. Happy birthday :D Hope you have a really grand party with lotsa presents and more similarly delicious feats!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope its lovely!!! OMGOSH, I would totally love a turkey burger right now. Not sure where to get one of those in Taiwan though.

    <3 Kelly