Tuesday, August 3, 2010

you got a couple pennies in your rusty jar

The ordeal is finally over.

I'm scheduled to go under the knife with one of Korea's top specialists on Aug. 10. For the first time since this entire process began, I feel very confident with the doctor and hospital I've chosen. Now it's time to stuff my face with as many goodies as possible for the next two months will be filled with mac & cheese, mushy pasta, juices & smoothies in every flavor combination, & baby food.

I'm still trying to get my bearings in Seoul. Gotta find a furnished apartment, get some home decor, & find a proper schedule that doesn't involve me watching "Pretty Little Liars" at 2am.

In the meantime, a brief collection of photos of life in Seoul so far... unappealing, right?

I've been seeing this model a lot lately.

The teeth from the left mold comes out.

Japanese restaurant interior.

At Hanil Kwan, the original.



  1. good luck with the surgery!!

  2. i know everything will be ok

  3. goodluck and love these pix..i know you can do it, you are brave enough for these,, i know..:)

  4. yayyy we can talk about pretty little liars now!! i hope you can still skype after surgery...so we can do our breakfast haul...yours will be apple sauce and mine will be...dinner. jealous about all the yummy korean food. at least you get to eat mushy korean food after surgery instead of american mushy food. i think u have more options there. :)

  5. I hope everything went well!! & hope you're in not too much pain... Get well soon :)!

  6. Hope everything went well dear :)

  7. take care and i hope to hear something new soon