Thursday, October 7, 2010

a falling star fell from your heart

Now that I'm slowly getting back to real life, I've been trying to find things to do in the city. Even worse, I've been trying to find a suitable partner in crime for all my adventures. I've been lucky to find two this week, but I'm slowly coming to the realization that the best companion is myself.

천계천 - Cheonggye Stream
If you walk along it, you'll find yourself going through two different worlds, the modern skyscraper Seoul to the older, nostalgic Old Korea that's filled with open air markets.

Ssamziegil - a market/store complex in Insadong. It's gotten a bit commercialized for my liking. The whole area was supposed to be part of traditional Korea, but the fire hazard buildings of previous days have been replaced by five/six story buildings. It's lost a lot of its charm.

Sunny and I went to Zen in Myeongdong for lunch yesterday. They serve Asian Fusion, which means that our business lunch set menu (for 20,000won) had risotto and then pad see u. The risotto was good but too spicy. The pad see u was deplorable. The pumpkin croquettes were awesome, though.

Pumpkin croquettes @ Zen

After a hard day's work at the Lotte Duty Free (also in Myeongdong & the largest duty free shop in Seoul), we went to Serosugil in Apkujeong for a glass of wine and paper thin pizza at Sarubia, one of the few places in Seoul with an outdoor patio.


A night wander around the area led to an impromptu shopping expedition into Caramel, one of my new favorite shops in Seoul. They had the most incredible collection of fur - fox fur, rabbit fur - and I wanted to buy everything. I walked away with a few goodies, and I'll definitely be making a trip back sometime soon.


One last cup before parting for the day. We had a day where we played like we were ladies who lunched, and it wouldn't be complete without a stop at Scoop, where we got to pretend that we were at a British outdoor cafe.

Tropical tea.


  1. ughhh i want to go to Seoul so bad. glad you are alive and well enough to adventure now!

  2. I came across your site randomly after trying to google cafes in Seoul. I relate keenly to the comment about looking for partners in crime and finding the best one is yourself, having arrived in the city by myself pretty recently too. Take care, stranger.

  3. Gahhhh you're making me miss Seoul so much!

  4. hi, new to the site, thanks.