Saturday, October 30, 2010

it's half timing, the other half's luck

Korea's now going through that awkward time of the year that's half fall, half winter. That's just another way to say that right now is the best time to get ill. It's also the perfect time to go visit college campuses. I suppose the American in me can't help but associate the crisp in the year and the crunch in the leaves with freshly sharpened pencils and unblemished notebooks.

A new friend of mine is a freshman at Koryo University, and she was kind enough to take me on a day tour of this lovely campus with Gothic and modern overtones. It's kinda sad to see the classic architecture on campus mix with too modern glass buildings. As much as some of the buildings in Korea are in desperate need of a renovation, I'm opposed to tearing them down completely and building glass structures. The campuses tend to look like mash ups between an old world and a new world - which sadly sums up the state of Korean architecture at this moment.

Probably the most famous building on campus. All the photos you see of Koryo University always include this building.
Samsung built this in celebration of Koryo University's 100 year anniversary.
The oldest building on campus.
The mountain behind the campus, also where the dormitories are located.


  1. Wow, what a campus. It's stunning but I think I'd quickly get bored after a few days :x

  2. That campus looks pretty allright! To be honest, universities in Belgium aren't too great either, there are exceptions of course, but most of the campusses are mix/match architecture from different decades/era's... So yeah, same problem haha

  3. please leave all the students near the mountain.