Sunday, May 13, 2012

may flowers

Winding up my time in NYC by attending some food markets. I invited myself when Becca told me that she was going to Smorgasburg and truly enjoyed the food offerings there. So much better than the Taste of Atlanta, in my opinion. (Step it up, ATL!)

I love this sweater and wish it were in a lighter fabric that could endure the 90*+ humidity weather that will greet me in a few weeks.

photos by Becca

Wearing: Club Monaco Medora bow back sweater, Club Monaco Marianna white city shorts (similar here and here), Spicy Color metal toe ballet flats (similar here and here), Celine Trio bag in orange


  1. Smorgasburg is the best! My friend lives right next to it so we always go when I’m visiting. thanks for sharing!

  2. That sweater looks cute as heck.

  3. "90*+ humidity weather" this either means you are going to:
    1. Korea
    2. Hong Kong

    And I hope that means the latter. :P
    Sometimes the forecast here is "100% humidity". We have no idea what that means except it's like breathing in a wet sponge and that my clothes take two days to dry if I'm lucky.