Friday, May 4, 2012

style files: ma hyeri from 'prosecutor princess'

Netflix has been feeding my drama monster with the massive amount of Korean dramas they've added to the stream list. As of late, I've been obsessed with "Prosecutor Princess," which has proven to be a true delight. It doesn't have the star power of my normal dramas, and the first two episodes really dragged. But the drama picks up fairly quickly, and the fact that this drama enjoyed high ratings in its later episodes as well as much attention on VOD attests to its watchability.

As its title implies, the lead character is a 21st century princess with a killer, high end wardrobe. Ma Hyeri is a girl after my own heart - she plays sick on an important career workshop so she can chase after a pair of limited edition shoes. (They're Jimmy Choos, relabeled as 'Gioberni' in the drama.) Totally my M.O.

pprintv-1Although her outfits aren't necessarily corporate workplace friendly, I could easily see it working if you replaced her mini skirt or mini dress with a solid colored knee length dress. The trick to her style really comes down to the accessories, proving that you don't have to sacrifice fashion for professionalism.

Prosecutor Princess Ma Hye Ri Pt. 2

1. Maison Scotch tweed embellished blazer, 2. Uniqlo x Lulu Guiness cameo tshirt, 3. Miss Dior EDT spray, 4. Butter London 'Trout Pout' nail polish, 5. Abercrombie & Fitch 'Mallory' skirt, 6. Baublebar Crystal Pinwheel necklace, 7. Chloe 'Elsie' leather shoulder bag, 8. Hammered Pebble Cascade earrings, 9. Guess crystal flower ring, 10. Alexander McQueen crystal embellished sandals

Prosecutor Princess, Ma Hye Ri Pt. 2


  1. she's got an adorable style! I LOVE what you pulled.. it's so fitting xxo -nb

  2. Did that actress get a nose job? Iono I can never tell on people but it looks really defined at the bridge.. lol.
    Anyway I've seen a ton of commercials for this drama but never watched it. The clothes are a bit girly Korean office lady for me... Gah tweed with ribbons and costume jewelry..