Monday, November 5, 2012

[travel]: dahlonega, north georgia wineries

I had a friend visit over the weekend and took the opportunity to head north to Georgia's wine county. Nestled around the town of Dahlonega, the number of Georgia's wineries have grown in the past few years. Although we initially attempted to go to all of them, we quickly realized that wine tastings weren't conducive to driving. Or walking. Or being out in public.

We began at Blackstock Vineyards where they had an 8 wine tasting menu for $10. I was torn between their '07 and '08 Ace Reserves. Nothing like a fine, smooth red wine!


The day ended at Frogtown, where we opted for lunch (hand pressed paninis!) and a glass of wine (orange colored rose!). Unfortunately, we were also treated to a healthy dose of entitled attitudes. A group of grown men (mid 40s, early 50s) sat behind us, discussing the effects of Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island, saying that the people who are stranded and in need of rescue and help should be left to die for their "stupidity." The angel on my shoulder hopes that they're lucky enough to never experience the type of devastation that's struck so many people - losing their homes, family members, all of their possessions. But most of me hopes that bastard goes home to find everything they've known burnt to the ground. (With a can full of gas and a handful of matches, and still weren't found out.)


Everyday I'm alive, I lose faith in humanity. I'm starting to hope that 2012 is real. Although it would be nice if the apocalypse would only take away the real "idiots."


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  1. I had no idea Atlanta had wineries... And I don't understand the ratio of idiots to non-idiots anymore. I mean, shouldn't the Internet have made people smarter and more open-minded?? I guess the idiots are spending all of their time procreating instead of getting a clue.