Thursday, November 1, 2012

[travel]: hong kong 2012


I had a little more than two days to spend in Hong Kong, but with work priorities taking over normal hours, I barely had enough time to sleep, eat, and catch up on lost episodes of "Jjak (짝)." But I was lucky enough to meet up with Sam from Sam Is Home and illustrator extraordinaire Emily Eldridge. Unfortunately, I wasn't at 100% and couldn't stop talking about my new favorite Korean matchmaking show. We went to Wired Cafe for some sweet desserts before I got to see some of Hong Kong's finest residents, roaches.


I've also started to regularly visit Din Tai Fung on every trip to Hong Kong. Obsessed with their handmade dumplings, but not a giant fan of their enormous wait. Luckily, I didn't have to wait at all this time around, and it was a matter of moments before I had those flour made soup sacks exploding in my mouth. (Har har.)


If all plans go right, I hopefully won't have to wait another year before I get to visit again! Cross all those fingers.


  1. WOW!!! How lucky you are. My job trips have sent me to places like San Francisco. Boo! Haha Hong Kong is definitely on my Things To Do list.

    BTW, there's a well earned award waiting for you on my blog. You can find the post here:

    X | My Life In Black+White

  2. I love the desserts photo..
    I miss HK! Really want to visit again.

  3. Super like your last comment on this entry. Gah I still owe you that awesome photo of us- will do that tomorrow!
    Come comeeeeeeeeeeeee. Or perhaps we can meet in Seoul seeing that cathay pacific has this awesome super sale for $1880 all taxes included (that's cheaper than Jeju Air).


  4. din tai fung -- YUM! they've opened up in sydney too but it's not as good as the ones in HK/SG/Malaysia. HK is one of my fave places to shop, hope you had a lot of fun there!

    steph /