Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now that my Europe trip is looming near, I'm slightly concerned about this volcanic ash from Mt. Ejaksdf349dfk. A part of me is hoping that I get to skip the whole Italy part and can find a way to fly straight to Barcelona where I'll spend the days lounging in the sun, drinking sangrias, & oogling some beautiful men. But before that, there are so many things to do - mostly boring things like pay rent, pay electric bills, ask if my friends want to trash my apt. while I'm gone...

The other photos from the weekend... late night Wal-Mart runs used to my specialty in college. Where have those nights gone?


Outfit: Jessica McClintock dress with DIY chain strap, cropped tuxedo blazer, Freja boots, Gucci bag, various jewelry


  1. Oooh it looks like you found a great little dress to wear to all those weddings that suits you. And WTF why didn't I ask you to bring your camera so I could play when we hung out? Another thing I'm apparently also in the market for.

  2. Really do love those Freya boots and that dress is amazing!