Thursday, November 4, 2010

korean music + style: 2NE1

One of the biggest pop groups in Korea named 2NE1 (short for 21st Century New Evolution - that's a mouthful) released their latest album while I was here. I've felt lukewarm about their singles thus far (except for maybe "Go Away" which is redeemed by the hilarity of the music video), but "아파" (trans. "It Hurts") is a visual, artistic pleasure.

I also like how their styles have evolved from the graphic, too colorful, pop prints of the last album into a more mature, advanced style that's a testament to the quality of stylists Korea has educated and trained. Their former stylist entered the military to complete his mandatory 2-year conscription, and their replacements aren't too shabby. Check out Seo Han Young's blog here.

P.S. Just a piece of useless knowledge and also a testament to how incestuous the fashion community in Seoul can be: one of 2NE1's former stylists named Xin (who also did a lot of work with Big Bang - is he YG exclusive?) was also a good friend of Daul Kim. There were a lot of photos of them together on her blog as well as on other street style blogs.


  1. Daul did also mention him and his job styling this (then) new band 2ne1 (who I adore, among other Korean bands, hehe). I didn't like their style back then too much, but you could see that they were on to something. I love "I don't care", was a huge hit when I was in Seoul last year.

  2. I agree! There are several bands whose stylists are doing a terrific job in my opinion, much more refined and stylish, than say, the Backstreet Boys were ever clad. Especially boy bands are so incredibly well dressed (SHINee from Ring-Ding-Dong on, first-album Beast, or of course Big Bang). BoA has an amazing style these days, too. I recommend her video to "Game" as reference, for example.

    Btw, until when will you be staying in Korea?

  3. I see!
    Well I was asking because I am planning to move to Seoul by spring next year. Can't wait really.
    You should really write a little guide about recommendable places! You alrdy did write about a few, and I'll be looking it up once I'm there again for sure. Definitely keep them coming :)
    Oh, and you didn't post many outfit pictures anymore, but just needed to let you know that yours are some of the ones I enjoy the most!!
    Hope all goes well over there. Have much fun on your trip.