Thursday, November 18, 2010

you've gotten into my bloodstream

To continue with the photos from Tokyo...

There was a special display at Roppongi Hills. These little floral LED lights were planted all around the area and made for such a spectacular display. They were in the video I made.


I've been dreaming of Laduree macaroons since May. They weren't as good in Tokyo, though. But I did enjoy the view from the cafe overlooking a busy street in Ginza.


The view from an overpass at the Cerulean Tower Hotel.


On my last day, I was making my way through Shibuya and stumbled into the L'Occitane Cafe. I'm amazed at how every single brand here seems to have its own cafe. I popped in for a quick lunch before my flight. The lunch set was okay.



  1. Hiyo Miss A.

    I got this last b&w set scanned at photopia in Chungmuro. But for my color negatives I get them done at this small film shop in a Lotte Mart near my neighborhood in Garak-dong.

    p.s. what's the make of the SLR on the table?
    p.s.s. what film camera / film do you shoot with?
    p.s.s.s. how'd you come across my blog?
    p.s.s.s.s. that shrimp, mussel salad looks delicious!

  2. Oh awesome! Lucky you're able to shoot with Leica. My dream is to own an m6, or an m7 one of these days... I wouldn't be able to justify shooting a leica that's digital (like the m9...)

    I was actually looking into the Olympus EP-1 as well, and I think it's a well designed compact 4/3 camera that would be fun to shoot with. & I've heard great reviews about it. The price seems reasonable, but for my next digital (whenever that is) I'm leaning towards the Lumix GF2 (when it makes its debut) with it's full hdvideo capabilities.

    I was weary of b&w at first, but actually I'm getting more attached these days. I love the natural feel, & graininess of the photos. Digital cameras don't work well for some reason in that regard. Try the Fujifilm Neopan 400, the results were beautiful, and worth every won!

    I know a few places that might be able to fix your mount, perhaps we can meet at Chungmuro when time permits.

    I'm guessing we have mutual friends? The only other person I know from Atlanta is a Sunnie Park, who used to be my co-worker before she got married and went back to the States.

    Thank you for the compliments, much appreciated! I'll add you to my blog list, maybe it'll send you some more hits.

    p.s. heres my email, find me on FB when you get the chance:

    btw, my name's Phillip nice to meet you :D

  3. great food, great pictures, great has been pretty damn good to ya!

  4. Oh gosh I so miss my Tokyo life. Great photos.

    Just saw your anti-Terry Richardson comments on FGR and realised how cool you are! What a creep he is! Yuck.