Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Neighborhood: Hongdae #3

I got a surprise visit from my friend Jennifer yesterday. I made us sandwiches at my apartment, and we listened to The Black Keys and looked up movies on imdb.com while we chowed. Afterward, we hopped on the train and trekked through the snow to Hongdae. Spent a few minutes browsing through the cafes before settling on Noi.

I think the only thing that really sets this place apart from all the other cafes in the area is the fact that they have turf instead of real flooring. It's mind boggling and fascinating at the same time. I also love being able to see green grass in the middle of an icy winter - albeit fake. The lofty feel reminds me of my old apartment in Decatur. High ceilings are my friend.

Coffee was the norm 5,000-6,0000 won prices. They had some cupcakes in the dessert case, but they didn't look particularly appetizing.

Offhand question: how long are you allowed to use Christmas decorations/lights? Until the end of winter?


How to get there: this is somewhat impossible to describe. It's parallel to the coffee prince street. I'm crap at giving directions to this area.


  1. Gah, I love hongdae... I'm so jealous! I hope you're staying warm and having fun (I hear Korea gets super cold in the winter)!

  2. I think, if your Catholic or Protestant you're supposed to get rid of the Christmas tree and Christmas decoration by 6th January. I hope I'm not wrong but this is common along my friends. Actually this also applies to stores but it seems like some stores are always a bit later ;)

    But things like the Christmas lightening can stay until 2th of February.
    --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presentation_of_Jesus_at_the_Temple

    Is it still freezing cold in Seoul? I remembered how cold it was last year.

  3. The rings are four separate rings. That's actually why I got them, I hate how constricting even two-finger rings are. I think my claustrophobia also extends to my digits.

    Hongdae. What I wouldn't give to spend a lazy day there.