Tuesday, January 25, 2011

your faith was an illusion

Winter blues have finally set in. I'm sick of seeing snow, ice, and people falling on their butts. Okay, the last part will never get old, only because I have the humor level of a 10-year-old. Jennifer left last week for Vietnam. I'm so jealous that I felt like going to the airport and buying the first ticket to a warm destination.

The only good thing about this week are the new music releases: Cold War Kids, Iron and Wine, and Amos Lee. ALL AT ONCE. Plus, there's a new Peter Bjorn and John single. If none of those appeal to you, then I'd suggest resorting to Gucci Mane's "The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted" because despite his poor taste in facial tattoos, the album is poppin'. Also, I'm attempting to find a way to incorporate "Brrr" into everyday conversation. (This is in addition to N.Dubz's "BRAP!")

source: Citizen Couture, Fashion Gone Rogue, ffffound.com


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