Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Neighborhood: Garosugil #2

I've been quiet lately, because I'm taking some computer classes that run five days per week for 4 hours in the morning. I'm now officially the girl who drools while sleeping with her mouth open on the subway. My head may be down (and my hair all over my face), but that slurping noise means that I'm slurping up a string of drool that's almost reached my lap.

Yesterday, I finally got to catch up with Sunny with an impromptu lunch date in Garosugil and squeezing in a quick shopping trip to Myeongdong before calling it a day. My feet ache still, but I think we've seen everything there is to see. We even dropped by the Celine store inside the Lotte Duty Free to drool over the Celine trio pouchette in yellow. They also had a black zippered Cabas, a yellow rectangular Cabas, and the zippered box bags in red and black.

But back to the food. Lunch was at Deli Heinzburg, where I ordered the turkey panini while Sunny had the mushroom panini with the balsamic sauce. Pretty damn juicy. We popped by Deux Amis afterwards - the last place in Seoul for my macaron taste test. Their rose macaron was the best rose flavor I've had in Seoul, but the cookie didn't crumble very well. The earl grey flavor was too overwhelmed by chocolate, and the raspberry tasted too bland.

How to get there: from Garosugil's main street, turn into the street with Nescafe on your right, go straight and you'll pass Deux Amis before Deli Heinzburg. (Deli Heinzburg is closer to allo papergarden.)

The menu folds into a neat square.
The mushroom panini. Check out the beautifully sliced cheese.
Turkey and cranberry panini.
I love the color of the pink radishes.


  1. Ohhh can't wait to get to Seoul. Soon!

  2. Oh my, that food looks absolutely gorgeous.