Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i was a creature of appetites

Last Friday, I got word of Paul + Alice's sample sale, so Sunny and I hightailed our ways over to 헤화동 (near 대학로) to get our fix. Sunny picked up this khaki sleeveless cape/trench thing from Fall (which looked SO good on her), and I got a striped skirt from their SS11 collection. I noticed that we're both carrying beige bags. We first spotted her Miu Miu bag at the duty free store, and I convinced her that she needed it. We're both enablers and should never be allowed to shop together.

Afterwards, we went to 가회동 to eat oven brick pizza at 대장장이 화덕피자. We ordered the rucola pizza, and it was pretty delicious. We were skeptical over the ability of the tealight, but it did indeed melt all the cheese in the center of the pie. Power may come in small packages?

Celine Bi-color Pouch
Miu Miu small satchel bag

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  1. Looking at amazing food after working out for an hour and a half...bad idea. haha.

    Btw I never thanked you for the comments! I need to look at more window books, I'm planning on checking some out this weekend because for whatever reason, I've never done full research from other photographers. I just started and haven't been able to stop for almost 4 years. Isn't that crazy?