Wednesday, February 1, 2012

l5p: the porter beer bar

The Porter Beer Bar is one of my favorite places in Atlanta to chill with friends after a long day at work. Located in grimy Little Five Points ("colorful," "homeless," and "bootleg" could all be interchanged to describe this area), TPBB has one of those super long beer lists with just about any beer you could ever want.  (I currently counted 29 on tap alone!) And to help make your drive home legal, they have an extensive offering of delicious pub food.


I like to start with an Allagash white to wash down the crispy Belgian fries, cooked in herb and garlic oil. You won't believe how much of an impact that oil makes. I'm also obsessed with their charred mayo sauce. It reminds me of the dipping sauces from Pomme Frites near NYU.


I can testify to the delicious of their shrimp and grits, and the fact that they were one of the first in ATL to use truffle oil to top the grits. But today, I opted for their black bean burger, made with quinoa and black beans. To counteract my vegetarian menu, Fifi got this monster concoction topped with delicious bacon. Mmm, pork.


The onions looked weird, though. I had a sudden flashback to my high school biology class, where a friend went crazy at the end of the pig dissection lab experiment and cut up poor Pepe's brains into tiny pieces. She later brought it to the cafeteria and attempted to pass it off as spaghetti. I'm still traumatized.


  1. i so love looking at your photos + reading the descriptions. the image of those fries is forever burned into my brain.
    they. look. amazing.

    great profile on a lovely + "colorful" place - those are always the best, right?

    xx shari

  2. Ha, so random, but it's so cool you call them Belgian fries, not french fries..! Some Belgian fries-fanatics get so upset about the fact that 'their' product is worldfamous as being French, haha. Besides that, the garlic & herbs oil is such a nice touch. I should try that!

  3. Oh man, this is making me hungry! We have a place here called Beer Bros. that seems similar to this place, except at Beer Bros. they actually use beer in the cooking too. So. Good.


  4. Hey! It was wonderful to meet you at the event! And you are a jolt of positive inspiration and as a new friend, a definite keeper. Please stay in touch and I'd of course love to do the same. Love your style and blog :)


  5. Have you had their ramen, Alicia? It's a direct rip off of Guy Wong's ramen at Miso Izakaya in Edgewood/Old Fourth Ward, but so glad they have it on the menu every once and a while.

  6. u must be tired of my comments but from now on you are my little guilty pleasure, well your food related pics