Tuesday, February 28, 2012

whiskey blue - w hotel buckhead

Sometimes, all you want is a really good mojito. Okay, I want that everyday. If I had a million dollars, I'd spend it all on a personal mixologist who would greet me every afternoon with a perfectly made strawberry mojito. While I continue to search for that magical scratch card, I'll make do at Whiskey Blue, located in the W Hotel Buckhead.

I've never liked Buckhead. With places like Buckhead Saloon and Moondogs, it's always felt a bit too prep or retired fratboy or incredibly yuppie for me. I always assume that the music will be too similar to Yacht Rock - easy listening for the over 40s doesn't round out my ideal night out. But my skepticism was completely ill founded at Whiskey Blue, where the DJ spun a nice mix of club hits with indie dance songs. Round that out with the best strawberry mojito I've ever had and a fantastic outdoor deck with great views of Buckhead, it was an almost perfect night. Now, if only they could bar the creepsters from crawling over to our table...

This is my go-to dress when I go anywhere at night. With a jacket, it's demure enough for dinner. When the festivities begin, shed the outerwear and show off the scoop back. Give me exposed backs over cleavage any day.


outfit photos by Lillie

Wearing: lace dress from Nasty Gal, Alexander Wang Frejas (in red and beige), vintage Gucci bag


  1. love your go-to dress!

    ps. i am dying over your previous outfit. that h&m leather top and zara pants are nothing short of amazing.

    cindy | design3rd

  2. that dress looks amazing on you.

  3. Hello from Seoul!
    I think you ought to have a good looking personal mixologist. I'd like that in a form of a barista please. Hahha. I totally agree: backs over cleavage but then again I don't have any cleavage to show in the first place

    1. LOL, me neither. Maybe that's why I prefer exposed backs because an exposed front would look just the same.

  4. Lace! Looks darn good on you. I've been on a hunt for a white shirt with white lace overlay (a poorman's version of that Givenchy shirt from last year).

  5. there's something about exposed backs that fascinates me as well, its sexy but not provocative, its femenine yet not girly, its femme fatale, its magic. love the back of your dress.
    and your bag is so fab