Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8. 140 character gem

Crazy friends. We all have at least one.

Mine is ridiculous, in the greatest sense of the word. He's notorious for his high grade antics, ability to push people's buttons, and an uncanny sense of knowing the worst places to vomit. He's recently joined Twitter, which has proved to be his social medium.
On Michael Phelps: he is a butterface. you know you'd climb that tree with the lights off. stick all eight gold medals up your butthole. just me?

On Burning Man: Rahul + drugs + alchol + lots of wizards + damn desert = people are gonna die

On Euro 2012: why can't they just lose the shirts? ...and the shorts...and the dick cups. what are those called?

On work: i got caught googling pregnancy pillows at work today...they look so comfortable #pregnancyenvy

On Pinterest's DIY inspiration: don't people know we can tell when they make stuff out of trash? you ain't upcycling toilet paper rolls! throw that mess away!

You can crack up at his musings by following him on Twitter.

*All of these photos came out deliciously awkward, but I'm too buzzed off my Stella to care. Belgium beer FTW!

Sohung Designs zipper jersey dress
Zara blazer
Chloe Kirsten wedges
Gucci bamboo tote
Tom Ford 'Nikita' cat eye sunglasses

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