Wednesday, July 18, 2012

review: lure, midtown

I'm one of those ridiculously superstitious people who believe in all kinds of omens, including the ones that they make up, and so when I heard that Lure (of the Fifth Group) was opening on my birthday, I knew it was going to be a good sign. I feel like the two key components of a good birthday are good drinks and really good food, and Lure really didn't disappoint.


They're one of the few places in Atlanta (and the only true Western restaurant) to feature shochu prominently in their drink list. For those unfamiliar with the Japanese distilled beverage, it's the most similar to vodka. I have a few personal issues with shochu (being Korean and all - soju was first!), but that's all for another day.


I decided not to opt for a cocktail and instead went with a prosecco they had on tap. (What? Prosecco on tap? It's a recipe for disaster, a beautiful disaster.) 


As for the menu, I feel like one of Lure's strong points is the shared plate menu. Though I'm aware that plate sharing isn't something that's necessarily embraced by American (or much of the western hemisphere), it's straight up my alley. I love the opportunity to taste all points of the menu without having to consume the contents of each plate. With items like shrimp scampi and scallops (both items ordered), this menu is truly ideal for groups who are comfortable enough to share.

Clam Chowder
Shrimp Scampi
Seared Scallops

But hands down, my favorite dish of the night was the Georgia rainbow trout (with head attached). The only times I've ever been served a fish with head in tact is at a Korean restaurant in which my family members and I have to fight over who gets the head. For those of you who have been so blissfully unaware, the fish head is the tastiest part of the fish. (This is not up for debate. Seriously. I will have to duel you if you disagree. And the fish head is going to give me the virility to beat you.) It's so easy to oversalt a fish like this at restaurants, and I was so happy to discover that Lure didn't go overboard.

Instructions for first timers
Rainbow Trout
Rainbow trout, perfectly cooked

The only part of the menu that I felt was a bit bland was the dessert menu. The offerings were quite traditional (brownie sundae, various types of ice cream, cheese plate, etc.) and nothing really stood out to me. While the blueberry cream pie was good, I was more impressed with the meal itself, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Blueberry cream pie

1106 Crescent Ave.
(404) 817-3650
5:30pm - 10:00pm (dinner only, for the time being)


  1. I'm overdue in giving a huge thanks for the thoughtful blog comment - it really made my day (and week, really). Lure sounds awesome, and I love any restaurant with shared plates. Not so sure about the fish head, though - I've never had one, but I'll take your word for it ;) Thanks for the amazing review, and I have one more place I'll have to hit up when I'm in ATL.

  2. I've rarely been to a Western restaurant that had shared plates somehow (I do wish more restaurants would adopt this option, alas, until then, it seems that the Eastern-style restaurants it will be.) The de-boning instruction sheet is quite cute and the fish looks like it tasted really good too. Thanks for sharing this review! (:

  3. That fish reminds me of a scene in Julie & Julia where she's sitting in a French restaurant and a gloved waiter debones her fish swimming butter... and all I could think of was trying to debone my own fish. When I eat Chinese steamed fish I pretend I'm deboning like a French waiter.

    And that's a cute illustration to go with it!

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