Monday, November 12, 2012

atlanta: buckhead container store

I was invited to the opening of the new Container Store at the corner of Wieuca Rd. and Peachtree St. on Thursday evening and was really blown away. It was, hands down, the best Atlanta store opening I've ever seen. With delicious catered foods, free flowing dranks, and a live band, no fashion event in Atlanta could compare. The presentation of everything was ooh-worthy. Maybe it was a good thing you couldn't buy anything that night because anyone could be slowly convinced to drop $2K on a customized Elfa closet after all that.


I never thought of using organizers from The Container Store to present hors d'oeuvres, though it should come to no shock after being a reader of Luxirare for a few years. My personal favorites were these bamboo trays used to hold these delicious pork buns.


Although the presentation of the whoopee pies in these bright colored drawers made for a refreshing change that I'll definitely be looking into for my next dinner party.


Thanks, Container Store for the invite!


  1. Funnily enough I'm one of the messiest & most unorganized people I know, yet I have a bit of an addiction to buying storage & containers... So a whole store dedicated to them sounds like a dream to me, I think I could spend a small fortune in there! Hah!
    Loving the food presentation too, such a quirky idea & it all looks so delicious! :)

  2. I'm an organization freak, so I love this post. Could spend hours browsing at the Container Store.

  3. I can't go into a container store. The OC Monica Geller in me just flips out, and I wind up with more containers than I have stuff to contain. Sounds like an amazing opening, though!

  4. The Container Store is the death of my wallet. I am super unorganized and generally a slob, albeit an attractive one (hopefully), but I always leave with something. My desk and drawers in my closet are all Elfa. Getting lured to an opening like this would have just killed me. Food and vain promises of organization? YES PLEASE.

  5. Gah I'm a sucker for promises of organization by companies such as Container Store and Muji. They're really evil- I end up buying so many more things that clutter up the apartment. :P