Monday, October 29, 2012

21. dear sandy

While all my Yankee friends have stocked up on bottles and bottles of wine (if you live in the South, there's no need for this as you stock up for the apocalypse every time you go to Costco), I'm enjoying the breezy weather. Except for those five seconds I had to endure walking from my car to the elevator, where you heard me shout, "Holy s***!" as the wind gust through my flimsy trench coat to reveal the nothingness underneath. (Kidding. I have clothes on, I swear.)

edit: This storm is for real. I feel very reassured knowing that my friends have enough dry goods and wine to last them throughout the week. Stay hydrated, b's! And if you run out of t.p., I know somebody who has enough to last them for the rest of next year, if 2012 doesn't get us all first. Txt me.


Uniqlo trench coat (similar here or here)
Stella McCartney 'Kate' faux leather platform boot
vintage Gucci doctor bag (similar here or here)


  1. Those shoes!! Droool! I hope everything is ok in Atlanta, stay safe. <3

  2. Those boots look seriously amazing on, they add such a nice sharpness to the basic trench! I keep hearing people raving about Uniqlo's trenches, I really need to get myself a new one, mine is so old & battered!
    Hope the weathers not too rough where you are, keep safe!