Friday, September 26, 2008

After hitting my car by attempting to make a right turn from a center lane:

me: What are you doing?!?! You can't turn from a middle lane!
him: ... yeah, but you were on your cell phone.
me: I wasn't, but it doesn't matter if I was picking my nose and sticking my fingers up my butt! You still can't turn from the middle lane!

Nobody was hurt, thankfully.

But now I'm going to court.

Liars never win. Karma always gets you. And if karma doesn't, then fuku will.


  1. eesh, what a jerk. glad you're not injured though (did you get any whiplash?)

  2. Oye! That sucks major. =/ I like how he tried to get out of it by saying you were on the phone. That's like a murderer saying, "well, you were walking near by huge serrated knife!"

  3. Complete twat, that guy. Glad you weren't hurt though!

  4. UGH, good thing no one was hurt. Was there any damage to your car? I hate how he tried to blame you entirely for it. Douchebag to the max. >=( Loved your comeback btw.

  5. Her name is Kelia. <3

  6. People do the strangest things in cars...

    p.s. you might like this set of my Alice in Wonderland collection:

  7. Ok, that got cut off. Try this:

  8. I just read your reply about the Holgas. Thanks (:
    My family has an old camera lying around somewhere. Maybe I'll dig it out...

    Your court thing reminds me of class. We were drawing in the courtroom and they confiscated all of our drawings.

    Anyway. I'm glad no one was hurt. Nice reaction. (: