Thursday, August 6, 2009

fuck weddings

You know you're getting older when you stop getting invitations to birthdays (especially in all their Disney Princess/Spiderman/Care Bear pre-made RSVP glory) and start receiving invitations to weddings instead. Personally, I prefer the birthdays - but only when they have foam castles... or maybe trampolines. Do you remember when the coolest kid in class was the one who had a tree house?

But I digress. Thus far, I've successfully avoided going to every single wedding I've been invited to attend. It's been mostly sheer luck that I have this spotless track record. That is all about to come to a crashing end. I've finally been invited to a wedding I can't avoid: my cousin's. As the first of my family to be hitched (I'm supposedly next - do you hear the scoff in my words?), I plan on performing my inevitable duty at this wedding to be the supportive, indulgent drunk. However, I have one problem. What am I supposed to wear?


As someone who finds all of the above more than perfectly acceptable, if not appropriate, for a wedding guest's attire, I am in dire need of everyone's input. How do you compromise your staunch personal style within a Republican-like conservative, Brooks Brothers-wearing audience?

credits: photos from style bubble


  1. I'm getting married next summer, and if you wore that to my wedding I'd probably stare in awe. Do it, it'll rock!


  2. weddings...
    i actually wonder what you're supposed to wear to weddings too. however, i noticed that people who attend weddings in korea (since my dad and i have already crashed two in the first three weeks that i'd been here..) dress fairly "normal" in strappy heels, light chiffon one-pieces (dresses), skirts.., which, back home in north america, would be considered dressed up for everyday wear. but then there were the few who wore leggings and 3/4 length leggings.. aha

    p.s. my aunt and uncle live at Hillstate, right behind the Gangnam-Gu Office. i rode the elevator down with a member from SS501 and my aunt's seen Solbi a few times too (she lives in the same apt)

  3. I miss the birthdays soooo much too!
    I always ate so much sweets and had so much fun!

    I want a "vintage birthday party"! :)

  4. Hmm.. I actually haven't been to any weddings but my moms. And I had to wear the dress she picked out for me since I was in the wedding party. IDK what I would wear in this sort of situation. I'd probably wear what I wanted. Just do it! =) At least you'll be too drunk to even notice the whispering and pointing. Haha.

  5. It may be because I was a flower girl multiple times when I was younger, but I love weddings!

    Where is the wedding taking place? Are you still in Seoul? I say wear a dress you'll feel comfortable in all night/day. Just nothing white! I honestly even avoid white tops for weddings.

  6. "Like a black girl's weave? hahaha, it sounds retarded when it's described like that."

    Well, you're the one who said it, so consider yourself "retarded".

  7. eep that sounds like the most amazing wedding guestlist ever. fuck them. if you're going to be a supportive drunk, go all out. OR you could mock them and wear a twinset with a set of pearls. BARF. just keep a flask in your purse, because you will need it.

  8. I don't care if you're a hater, but have some fucking guts. Stop hiding behind the shameful 'Anonymous' tag and take responsibility for your words.

  9. interesting

  10. ah yes, the old knee jerk "you're a hater" defense. i thought the comments were available so that people know? comment? i'm not hating on you, miss a. it's not like i'm leaving some random remark trying to mean. i'm just looking for a little clarification (or responsibility as you put it) on YOUR words. you made a remark that felt more than a bit racial in tone so i responded in turn. i shouldn't have stooped so low as to use the word "retarded" just because you did. as far as shame goes, your statement: "a black girl's weave" was a shame to read because of the implication that:

    a) only black women have weaves
    b) every black woman has a weave

    ok then. here i am. real name and everything. no blog to promote, just me. taking full responsibility. how about you? care to explain yourself? oh by the way, i am an african-american woman so i hope that helps in terms of understanding where i'm coming from. not that it should matter. just want to take the implied "shame" away since it's such a big concern.

  11. Thank you, Shari, for being the first person to come out of hiding. Sorry about the harsh tone - it's just that I'm tired of reading comments that are left by 'Anonymous' fucktards who tend to leave criticism that's neither constructive or open to dialogue.

    In no way did I imply (or mean to imply) that only black women have weaves. I've had a weave put in myself and know plenty of Asian people who have had or have weaves. And as a girl who was born and raised and still lives in Atlanta, I'm well aware of the fact that not all black women have weaves. It wasn't meant to be racial, but I apologize if it comes off as such.

    This next part isn't meant as a smart retort but just as a point of reflection: why is it that my bashing of Republicans/conservatives/nouveau riche (which I've done before on this blog) considered acceptable or fails to raise eyebrows?

  12. Thank you, Miss A. In a way, I figured that you didn't mean any offense and I should probably apologize for my tone as well. I guess I'm tired of the casually racist comments people leave on other blogs (Rumi, Karla, etc.) and I jumped the gun in assuming where you were coming from.

    That's an interesting point you make about other remarks that you have made. I haven't read any of them (I should go back through your archives- your point of view is interesting) but I wonder if it's because no one wants to be the one who says, "hey! i'm a republican/conservative/nouveau riche- leave me alone!" because who wants to be identified with that? Anyway, I say rock the goat and the harness to the wedding. You can pull it off. Be well.

  13. In a recession, no one would ever admit to being "Republican/conservative/Brooks Brothers-wearing." Esp. not during a recession with a Democrat president whose Latina Supreme Court nom just got confirmed!

    Having been to a black-tie wedding where the audience was definitely Republican/conservative/Brooks Brothers-wearing," half of whom could have had me killed by Secret Service or hired goons, I think some exercise in restraint is needed. At the wedding I went to (ceremony was november/afternoon outdoors in Fla.), most wore floor-length chiffon gowns or dark neutral floor length gowns. I figured black-tie=semi goth (semi being a cocktail length dress) if you get my drift. The bride was too busy to cast disdain, and everyone was too busy sizing up everybody else to notice (they clearly saw that I was not in the millionaire's club, so paying attention to me was useless). In the end, my date's boss told me drunkenly that he really liked what I was wearing.

    So I guess I'm trying to say: go half way on the actual clothes, go your own with the accessories.