Saturday, December 4, 2010

i'm yours now so now i don't ever have to leave

Despite my constant quoting of Carrie's bag lady woes ("I'm homeless! I'll be a bag lady! A Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady!!"), my handbag addiction is completely under control. I'm 95% more likely to plop down money for shoes than for a lump of leather. I suppose it helps that shoes are cheaper than most bags - I'm very close to breaking off on a tangent about the cost of luxury goods, but I'll refrain for another time. This all changed when Phoebe Philo stepped in as creative director for Celine.

The moment those envelope bags and Classiques started appearing on every single editor's arm, the entire world drooled. Then the Luggage totes arrived, and Tommy Ton went insane clicking his camera shutter. When I tagged along with a friend to the duty free store in Seoul, I felt the cold chain attaching my heart to my battered Gucci bag melt as I greedily ran my grubby hands all over the buttery soft leather. My next handbag was going to be a Celine.

Say hello to the Boston.

Double dyed leather - first red, and then black, which explains the red trim, my new baby is super lightweight with soft, moldable leather. I bought her mostly for function, as there are two side pockets (the outer zips) and a roomy center. The removable shoulder strap is perfect for subways (I stand in the corner with a Kindle in one hand and a Dunkin' Donuts cup in the other), and it's got enough room for my gigantic, scary paparazzi camera, snacks, and junk fliers I pick up from persistent ajummas. J'adore.



  1. so beautiful! congrats on your purchase!

  2. AH I love the duty free shops in Seoul. And then picking up your goodies the day you fly out - such a nice gift because I'm always sad to leave Korea!

    The bag is gorgeous! Just wanna reach out and touch the leather!!

  3. Congrats!!! It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you wear with it.

  4. fucking. beautiful. i'm drooling.

  5. uhmuhguh. that leather looks so buttery, i want to eat it.

  6. oooh! I held this bag in my hands 3 days ago!! No kidding haha :) Enjoy your purchase, but I highly doubt that'll be a problem :)
    I tried on a pair of CĂ©line sunglasses while I was there, didn't get them, but I'm totally regretting it now! ARGH.