Thursday, December 9, 2010

you should be prescribed to me

I'm not meant for cold weather. This sudden realization and acceptance has forced me to reorganize the places where I can live, and it's come down to L.A. or Miami. I'm crushed because my personality doesn't mesh with either of these places. Also, the summers in Miami are enough to want to kill. As much as I love "Dexter" (and the supposed great vintage finds you can find in MIA), I don't know if I can handle humidity and heat 9 out of 12 months of the year.

Great story: so two days ago, Seoul was blessed with ice and snow. As I walked out of the subway station, I saw my bus pulling into the station (#5012) so I started sprinting towards it. This sight was a spectacle for two reasons: 1) I can't run to save my life and 2) I was wearing 10 layers of clothing so I was about 10 pounds heavier than normal. I wiped out on the ice I failed to see, and the bus left me sitting on my bruised ass. Tiger balm, anyone?

dress by Rodarte for Target, skirt by Topshop, boots from Coex, sweater by Uniqlo, scarf from street market, sunglasses by Chanel.

I went to the National Museum of Korea, where they played host to the G20 Summit last month. Remnants of it remain, including a special G20 pamphlet that highlights the greatest treasures in the museum and the red carpet for photo-ops. The place is massive, and it's nearly impossible to see it all in one day. I made the mistake of only seeing the prehistoric part of the first floor before moving towards the private collections on the third floor, completely missing the Choseun exhibits. If you only have a few hours, I'd recommend just seeing the first floor in its entirety.



  1. Love that museum. I was there this year in February. It was freezing cold outside! I spent almost my whole day in the museum

  2. Ahhh, winter! I LOVE winter :D I'm better when it's cold, and fair really badly when it's hot. I HATE to sweat.
    Anyway, since I'm definitely more a winter-person, I am not too sensitive to cold to begin with, but here's some things I do to get through it more easily:
    Uniqlo has these Heat-Tech products (at least in Japan they do sell those), which are super thin basic pieces to layer underneath your usual outfit, and they're supposed to retain your body warmth while letting your skin breath. They're really useful!
    Another good thing to layer underneath is Angora! Can't do much wrong with Angora!
    Or just buy some basic sweater made of Cashmere, it's thin but keeps you super warm!!
    And two layers of tights do the trick for me. I usually wear 60den+ tights, most of the time they're 100den.
    Oh, and BOOTS! Water-resistant boots with a good sole profile, which means less slippery-ness for you in snow and ice, and fun stomping around in deep powdery lush snow.
    Always wear a hat! It'll make you feel warmer because most of the body's warmth goes away from the head or something o_O
    And wear cute mittens :D They keep your hands warm and look sweet ;D
    Hmm, but overall, just enjoy :) My city is super duper white right now all covered in fresh snow, and I love it! It's so lovely, and nice. I've been in Seoul last December, too, and it's indeed really harsh, but it does look pretty, doesn't it? Just make sure to be bundled up well enough at the right places, and all will be good :D

  3. I feel the same way about cold weather AND Miami and LA. What's a non-beachy, warm-weathered girl to do?

    I love the way you styled the Rodarte/Targarte dress. I have the same one and would never have thought of styling it that way.

    p.s. Hope the tiger balm helped!