Sunday, December 12, 2010

why i like asian magazines better

While I was in Tokyo, I had a rough time picking out which magazines to bring back to Seoul with me. There was so much awesomeness. I'm talking magazines specifically about nail art. And there was this other one about athlete style with David Beckham as December's cover boy - whoooo, it was like David Beckham porn.

But I ended up picking Vivi to come home with me, if only for the fact that I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Every single page is packed with clothes, tips, and street style photos, so you feel like you're reading 3 magazines. I think this style of magazine printing works in Asia because we're bombarded with advertisements everywhere we go - subways and buses, pamphlets passed out on the streets, people shouting at you from their stores with microphones...

The flirty dress section.
This must be the "inspired by Rumi" section.


  1. i love Japanese magazines and finding their scans on ye Interwebz. honestly, i don't remember the last time i even picked up an American women's magazine.

  2. You know... you can all download them.

    Japanese magazines are so picture-heavy, it's a real treat, because you can get so many ideas. It's like catalogues, basically, and style guides with detailed steps you can follow (and which many do). When I still was in Japan, I used to pick up a magazine, ran through it, noted down the stuff I found interesting, and then just had to look for exactly that when I was in the shop- It was like doing your homework and then do the real shopping, and it's so convenient.

  3. Let's just talk about your nails for a moment - gorgeous!! Which polish?