Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i've lived a hundered storms to leave you

The winter blues have finally set. All signs seem to be pointing back to Atlanta. The camera on my Macbook is faulty and isn't working. If I have to look at congealed snow on the sidewalk for one more day, I'm going to lose it. I no longer have the desire to shop. (Gasp! I KNOW!! 2012 is closer than you think!!) All the things that were once Korea's merits are now getting on my nerves. I miss my car, gas guzzling-$50 to fill up-tank that it is. I even miss cheesy ATL radio, including listening to Ryan Cameron spout Jesus stories during the morning show. (But I DON'T miss Frank Ski talking about his kids; they sound like pure monsters.)

These are the last bits of January. I've been mostly cafe hopping. Maybe I should also start documenting the mundane things in my day, too, (like going to E-Mart) just to show you what a nightmare it is.


1. the snow piled up in Banpo
2. some drink with wine, cinnamon, and orange
3. the ceiling at Take Urban
4. strawberry tart at Fika Swedish Coffee Break
5. latte at Coffeesmith
6. street food in Dongdaemun


  1. Yes! Prepare me for the mundane horrors of Korean every day life!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. I always love your food/travel photos =) You're pretty talented with the camera there yourself.

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. Aww I feel ya on the Wintery stuff. It won't stop snowing and being cold. Blah. Drink up that coffee lady! :-)