Thursday, February 17, 2011

show me the side streets in your life

At the art exhibit last Sunday, Sunny and I stumbled upon the work of a fantastic photographer, Won Sung-won (원성원). She created a series based upon an experience she had when she was seven, where her mother left the house. (In Korean, the term is "집을나갔다" which translates directly as "leaving the house" but can be interpreted figuratively to mean leaving the family. We had some dispute over this, as I thought it meant that the mother actually left the family, not just left the house to run errands.)

Using that experience, she created a narrative using a series of photographs that shows a young girl searching for her mother. If you see the details in the photographs, you can see that the tale is really tragic. One of the most haunting image is one of the young girl doing the laundry. Her back is turned, but the loneliness is staggering.

As for the artist's process, she photographs each item individually and then places it on a larger canvas. Click here for a better understanding of the artist's creative process. The detail of her work is so meticulous.


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