Monday, February 28, 2011

falling and laughing at the drinks we spilled

March begins tomorrow.

I've been relatively busy. Finished reading The Beautiful and Damned and The Imperfectionists. I'm leaving for a short trip to Hong Kong on Saturday, starting computer classes after I get back, and getting my braces off (again). In the meantime, I've been eating and eating and eating. Okay, I've been doing other stuff, but this is all I've got in my Lumix.

The P.532 sandwich at P.532 (Garosugil).
Take a left at the Starbuck's and you'll find P.532 on the left.

Really amazing samgyubsal (삼겹살) with lots of veggies.
How to get there: Shin-nonhyeon (신논현역), exit #2. Pass Take Urban on left, take a left at first street. Walk straight for ~3-4 min. and you'll see a ton of ppl lining up on the left. Go through sliding plastic door and take a number.

Tomato and mozzarella sandwich at Picnic.
How to get there: Dangsan Station (당산역), exit #1. Take bus #1, get off at 2nd stop in front of Ehwa Mokdong Hospital (이대목동병원), cross the street. It's next to the Morning Glory.

Fantastic spicy noodle soup in Myeongdong. It's the Chinese restaurant at the end of the street where MMMG Cafe is located.

Curry special at Tea Therapy. See directions here.


  1. im so jealous you're going to HK! eat well (as if you aren't already).

  2. that looks soooo yummy , i love it xoxo