Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 Playlist

I don't celebrate holidays. You're lucky if I remember your birthday. (I've known Fifi for 20 years, and I still don't know her birthday. It's one of the following January 14, 15, 18, 24, or 28.) But I've been compiling this list of love songs in my head for some odd reason, and this playlist was born.


Robert Smith of The Cure considers "Just Like Heaven" the greatest pop song he's ever written. Bouncy, light, and adorable. Nina Simone, queen of jazz blues, sang this one incredible rendition of "Just In Time," which was so incredible that Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy included it in the film "Before Sunset." Paolo Nutini's got an uber strong sex ballad in "Loving You" (Marvin Gaye, isdatchu?), and there's some cheeky love songs from Kings of Leon that smell of stale cigarettes, cheap beer, and southern summers. Cute throwbacks in Phoenix's "Second to None" and Rilo Kiley's "Silver Lining" for indie queens. Personal favorite has to be John Lennon's acoustic version of "Love," which makes me think of Duckie's solo serenade in Andy's bedroom in "Pretty In Pink." The last two songs I've got to highlight are Common's "The Light" (the ULTIMATE love song) and T.I.'s surprising, frank, and sweet confession to his boo in "Let Me Tell You Something."

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1. I'll Be There (To Make You Miserable) - Ari Hest
2. Paris - Friendly Fires
3. Birthday - Kings of Leon
4. Just In Time - Nina Simone
5. What Katy Did Next - Babyshambles
6. Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine
7. The Light - Common
8. True Love Way - Kings of Leon
9. 1983 - Neon Trees
10. May You Never - John Martyn
11. Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley
12. Far Away - Ingrid Michaelson
13. I Found A Reason - Velvet Underground
14. Let Me Tell You Something - T.I.
15. Just Like Heaven - The Cure
16. (Getting Some) Fun Out of Life - Madeleine Peyroux
17. Loving You - Paolo Nutini
18. Fucking Boyfriend - The Bird and the Bee
19. Islands - The xx
20. You and Me Song - The Wannadies
21. Funny Little Frog - Belle and Sebastian
22. Dakota - Stereophonics
23. Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble
24. Cornerstone - Arctic Monkeys
25. Wild Young Hearts - Noisettes
26. Love (Acoustic Version) - John Lennon
27. Second to None - Phoenix

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