Saturday, April 2, 2011

sidewalks are unassuming fields

These are the remaining photos from last Friday. After going to the Paul + Alice sample sale and eating oven brick pizza, Sunny and I wandered around Bukchon (복촌) to take photos of houses. I bet the people who live in the area hate living there because of all the tourists. It's one of the last areas in Seoul where traditional Korean style houses (한욱) still exist. A lot of the older areas in Seoul are being torn down and rebuilt in the name of modernity, and it's sad that these relics of history are slowly being removed from Seoul's architecture. At the same time, they're a total bitch to heat in the winter, so I can understand why you'd want an upgrade from spending $500 on heating.

My eyes look kinda closed in this photo. I swear my eyes aren't small.


  1. Ooh heck, I hope they keep some of those houses around, they are absolutely beautiful! And I am liking those boots, I'm tempted to save up and pick up a pair of Ann D riding boots.

  2. fantastic place!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the eyeliner advice, I have kinda small eyes and I don't use the liner all around my eyes, just for the catflick at the end, I use pencil for the inside of the lower lid and that's it, but so many people have suggested the Bobbi Brown I may try it next time :)

    x Camilla

  4. Love the architecture...soooo gorgeous! Hope the locals appreciate the oldies but goodies enough to keep 'em around forever! Great pix, thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. lush buildings.

    Helen, X

  6. i loved this neighborhood. i think i spent like 4 hours wandering in it and taking photos of people's doors.