Thursday, September 8, 2011

is it fall yet?

On a recent trip to my nearby Neiman Marcus Last Call, I stumbled upon this Stella McCartney jacket from the FW09 runway collection on the markdown rack. Originally priced at $1625, it was reduced to the outlet price of $578, then given a further 50% off discount. It's a beautiful, incredibly structured and tailored jacket. It's also in a rather avant garde silhouette from a label that's considered obscure in this region, which probably explains why it was still hanging in the store.

I really love the near cape-like quality of the cut, and the print really gives some intensity to my usual, solid colored wardrobe. But at close to $300, I still couldn't decide if I should buy it. A few day ago, I got an email from Last Call, saying that they were giving shoppers 30% off all purchases. When I saw it still hanging on the racks, I knew it had to come home with me. Bought for $200, I think it's my best buy of this year. (It beat out the $11 jeans I bought from the Gap earlier this month.


It's Fashion's Night Out! Where are you going to be?

I'm starting out at the Modern Luxury pop up shop at Atlantic Station, then I'm going to check out the Frank Tell pop-up plus some other stores around the area. Then, I'm heading to Phipps so I can preview the Chanel Les Blues nail polish (and get a polish change from the rainbow concoction I've currently got on). While I'm there, I've got to make a pit stop at Jeffrey's before going to the new Bottega store to get a whiff of their new scent. The night ends at Lenox where I'll probably have to restrain Jinah from buying everything in the store. Holler if you see me! I'll be wearing this jacket.

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  1. what an amaziiiiiing find! i need to go dig around at the last call enarest me.
    enjoy it!
    check out our Chanel Blue Boy giveaway:

  2. Great find, can't wait to see how you style it.

    Here, nothing happens for Fashion's Night Out. Sigh, sigh, sigh. I'll have to dress my baby up and pretend...


  3. Just came across your blog - I love it! It's the perfect combination of fashion and incredible photos of food. I'm dying -- I want French Toast so badly now, looking at your posts from a few days ago! Ahh...

  4. We don't have Fashion Night Out though I read somewhere that FNO seems quite irrelevant because it was initially created to boost the stores during the '08 recession. Now it's just a bona fide consumer fest. Uh not sure what the economy outlook is like in the US now since I'm in Asia.
    The one thing I would like to take part in at FNO (if I were in NYC still) would be to visit Garance at her show!

    Btw that is an AMAZING stella find.. While you benefit I wonder how much the production cost of the garment is. Ah well, wear it and love it! I demand photos. :P


  5. Amazing find!

    xoxo Robine @

  6. No flipping way, that is an insane price! I never seem to come across bargains like that. And if I do it's for a size XL or whatever :(

  7. A: first off, great to read a long comment for a change :) in my case, it was actually the opposite; the cab driver's wanted only short distances claiming they make more money driving many short distances around the same area than going a long one (most likely being stuck in traffic, just like what happened to you), though, clearly they made no money at all being so obnoxiously picky. though hope you'll still come back to bangkok!

  8. What a steal! I love markdowns of markdowns of markdowns. I can rarely resist a sale to the third power.

  9. I have such sale envy!! I was debating a Stella dress at TJ Maxx today but right when I was about to go for it I found a pull. Such a shame, it was only 112!