Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10. how low can you go

On the first day of English during my senior year of high school, the teacher asked everyone to make a small introduction of themselves to the class. When it came to be my turn, my mouth got the better of me and somehow I said something along the lines of how I wouldn't put it past me to marry for money. Of course, this was a crazy statement to make (in most social situations, much less in a high school English class), so in one single moment I managed to make half the class hate me and the other half flabbergasted while a small minority gave me props for being "real."

I didn't mean the statement as a point of controversy or to be completely truthful. Most of the time, I say things for shock value. And then when the shock is shown on the other person's face, I like to take it to the next extreme. 

As a child, I was always a tester. I was that little shit in the backseat who would kick the back of the driver's seat while the car was in motion. Then, when a [booty] whooping was eminent, I would kick a little bit more to cement its inevitability. 

Looking back, it was probably more truthful than I was willing to admit - not in the whole Anna Nicole type of way, but in a more muted sense. As much as you like to think of yourself as a "free" spirit, the fact is that there's a nice comfortability in knowing that your significant other/spouse has had similar life experiences as you, especially the ones that you hold the most important and crucial to your personal development.


Topshop chambray shirt
H&M neoprene floral dress (in stores now)
Jeffrey Campbell x Pixie Market 'Daul' Painterly II sandals
Tom Ford 'Nikita' cat eye sunglasses
Celine orange trio


  1. Hehhee please do not test me when you come to HK or else I will just laugh awkwardly (ha... ha.... ha...) and then ask "is this a test? did I pass?"

    Anywhooo I'm loving the floral on floral thang going on here. But please bring back the Balenciaga boots I love so much!!

  2. Ha! I accidentally yelled out something along the same lines in a high school Economics class. The teacher was talking about the pros and cons of an inheritance tax, and I blurted out something about people just being jealous of those with a substantial amount to inherit. I was a really quiet person, so that (and another equally stupid comment I made in an English class) are all anyone probably remembers of me. Mind you, I went to a really yuppie prep school, so fortunately I was met with only laughter at my super spoiled-sounding openness.

  3. Sounds like something I would've said back in high school (though I would've probably added "I mean it in the best way possible" and then have gotten most people to hate me on the spot. Then again, I went to a pretty uppity high school and most of my classmates would've gotten where I was coming from - even if they wouldn't admit it out loud. Anyhow, that wasn't the point of this comment. All I wanted to say is dayummm how I love the simplicity of that bag.

  4. Haha I LOVE that answer. PS I need to get a shirt like that! Goes with everything!

    1. Yesssss, this shirt is a wardrobe lifesaver! Dress it up or down, perfectly transitions from day to night.

  5. What a pretty girl!!That’s a great bag!

  6. Hey, i love the dress very much. How much it cost?

  7. I Love the dress very much? Which collection of h & m?
    How much ya?

  8. That bag is gorgeous in that colour!!