Wednesday, August 29, 2012

13. the cloud, that's cute

I think it's so cute when old people try to talk about social media with me. I especially like when they try to use all the buzz words they know in one sentence. The best part is when they mention "the cloud."


Too cute.

And they're just so blissfully unaware that everything they've been using ever is cloud-related. 

Stop depending on Time Magazine to tell you what's cool, old people. Just talk to your kids. They know more about it than some 40-year-old whose aversion to technology parallels a cat's fear to water.

ph. by Jinah

Chloe 'Kirsten' wedges
Celine micro luggage tote


  1. Love your bag !!!

  2. Old people are just adorable! Loveeee your bag it's gorgeous xxx

  3. While my parents are technologically savvy, I've actually found my parents use more slang in texts and emails than I do– it's so amusing to read and kind of endearing. Hope you've had a good week, the print in your skirt is really pretty xx