Thursday, August 9, 2012

[travel] montreal, osheaga 2012

I've been sitting in front of my computer screen debating on how to start this post. I'm just now starting to remember what it feels like to be clean, but I haven't quite been able to shake off the feeling of physical exhaustion. Is this a reminder of how I was the oldest one out of the entire Montreal group? Osheaga, as fun as it was, pretty much cemented the idea that it was the last music festival for me. Now that I've done the camping and the non-camping ones, the only way you'd get me back on muddy grounds while risking early adult deafness is through a VIP ticket.

Jinah and me
On Jinah: Brandy Melville shirt, Madewell jean shorts, saltwater sandals
On me: Christopher Kane x Topshop shirt, Blank studded denim shorts, Converse, Zara fringe bag

On me: Monki top, Sway Chic orange skirt, Converse
On Jinah: tiger print top, Cambridge Satchel in neon pink


For the three full days that we were in Montreal, I would say that I spent around 10% of my time outside of our rented house/Parc Jean Drapeau. I have no idea what going to Montreal is like as a tourist, not a music festival goer. That said, we stopped at this delicious cafe on our first day.


And then the rest of it was at Osheaga.


How would I describe Osheaga? Osheaga is Bonnaroo's retarded little sister. There weren't very many food options that didn't include something that came out of a package or a frozen food box. Are a vegetarian? I guess you'll be eating poutine. Probably without the cheese. Vegan? Get ready to starve. Oh wait, you could get corn for $2 a pop.

The water stations were few and sparse, and the ones that were available had giant lines, sometimes 40 people deep. Bathrooms? I wouldn't be able to tell you since I didn't go. NOT ONCE. NOT ONCE FOR THREE DAYS. I didn't see them clean the port-a-potties and didn't even want to fathom what going inside a heated cesspool would be like.

And for someone who likes to drink as much as me, you better find some empty space in your bra to cart around some mini liquor bottles. Unless you have a taste for bitch beers (i.e. Bacardi Breezers) which cost you $4.75 per bottle.

Aside from the festival logistics and all the bros crawling around the venue, I had no complaints about the line up.

Franz Ferdinand
A$AP Rocky
Little Dragon
But the fashion, at most points, assaulted me. It was like Montreal got a giant shipment of high waisted shorts and every single girl at Osheaga bought a pair. Girls: high waisted shorts are probably not your friend. If you have hips, they look terrible on you. If you don't have hips, they look terrible on you. Let's just go ahead and declare that they only look good on models and call it a day. Also, bros, please stop with the cheap neon sunglasses. It just makes you look like a "tool," especially when you're spilling your bitch beer on everyone.

High waisted shorts in every single style imaginable.
After attending Osheaga, what would I recommend wearing? Work out gear. Stock up on that Lululemon like Jinah and you will be fully equipped for every single type of weather Mother Nature throws your way. Rain? Intense heat? Sweat proof shorts and comfortable sports bras have you covered.

Oh, and ditch the open toed shoes because your feet will look like this.

That's not a farmer's tan. It's dirt.


  1. I too would never go to a music festival without a VIP ticket and somewhere pretty luxury to stay. I might not even go to one with all that - I just don't really see the appeal of standing around in a field all day!

    P.S. I have the same Chris Kane collab top!

  2. Uh I've never ever been to a music festival. I'm a total granny and I never liked any band enough to wait around and get smooshed by their fans left and right. :P In terms of traveling in Quebec I do prefer Quebec City over Montreal (have you ever been?).

    And I cannot believe you are coming!!! how long? where ya staying??

  3. I HAVE YOUR CHRISTOPHER KANE TOP. we finally match! also, LOVE sbtrkt. the guy sampha who sings with him went to uni with my boyfriend's friend. apparently my boyfriend slept on his couch. to quote him "it stank".

  4. Funny post - thanks for sharing.


    1. I like that you are allowing me to blog my outfits vicariously through your blog. Hell, I'm impressed you paid attention to the brands.
    2. That bitch beer shit was like $7.75! CANADIAN! Mini whiskys forever.

  6. Wow looks like fun!!

    Love from Seoul,

  7. Sadly, I've never been to a music festival before, non-camping or otherwise, but when you said you were gaining back the feeling of being clean, I was instantly reminded of these several day camping trips my friends and I would take in high school. It's all good and dandy when you're hiking or canoe-ing together, but then the instant you're in some sort of public forum...cringe.

  8. "That's not a farmers tan, it's dirt." I real-life lol'd.