Monday, September 3, 2012

14. waiting

There are quite a few things that baffle me about Korean dramas. But one thing that always gets my panties all bunched up is the waiting.

There is always a segment in which the lead man or woman waits a stupidly long time for the person they love to arrive or talk to them. For instance, I'm catching up on "My Princess" on Netflix and there is a moment when Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun) sits outside of Lee Seoul (Kim Tae Hee)'s house for hours in order to talk to her. I mean, in one scene, the sun is out. In the next scene, the sun has set, and he's still outside her front door. 


I know this segment is supposed to be touching and romantic, but if you saw someone standing outside your house for hours at a time, is that what you would think? 

I guess what I find more incredulous about the situation is that I'm all too aware of Koreans and their marriage to impatience. (see: bbalee-bbalee culture) For a country that considers waiting 5 minutes at the bank a national travesty, I refuse to believe that there is a man out there - a Korean man, nonetheless - who is willing to wait for HOURS. IN THE COLD. Psh, yeah right.


Forever 21 letterman sweater
Isabel Marant cotton mesh tank
H&M white organic tank
Gap 'Audrey' pocket mini skirt
Alexander Wang 'Freja' lace up boots
Vintage Gucci doctor bag


  1. WOW your shoes are incredible!!

  2. Waiting, piggy back, wrist grabbing, rain scenes, clumsy damsels in distress, rich good looking chaebol offsprings, speaking English or another foreign European language for ultimate coolness, running to catch someone before embarking on the train or flight, eating ramyeon together, love triangles........

  3. Hence the word 'fantasy'. Woo I super love this outfit- the deep navys and them shoes! Doing any shopping in HK when you get here???

  4. Btw have you seen the new GD 'One of a Kind' MV? I kinda like it....
    XD XD XD

  5. oh my your freja boots!


  6. You should try an Indian drama...after every word they do a close up of everyone's face with whatever dramatic emotion they have to portray. Nothing gets done, things just drag on, and on, and on, ad finitum. Loving the white mesh against that navy blue.