Monday, September 24, 2012

17. guy code

There's this new show on MTV2 called "Guy Code," and I've watched two days worth in giant 5 hour marathon blocks. It's ridiculous how obsessed I've become with this show considering the obvious point that I'm not a guy.

I think the appeal of the show lies in that its format is similar to the VH1 "I Love the" series, which really shaped the way I approached cable television and nostalgia. For the longest time (and even now), my greatest wish is to become a VH1 commentator. If I were to go on "Made," that would be what I'd want to be "made" into. Seriously, there's a job that pays you to talk about what you think? Cha-ching.

Sample topics covered on "Guy Code?" Being broke. (Stop talking about how broke you are; it's unattractive.) One night stands. (If you're going to tell a story about it, make sure that there's at least one embarrassing moment.) Drinking. (If they put a cherry in your drink, you should slap the bartender.) Say what you will about "Jersey Shore," I love Vinny.


Forever 21 white tee
T by Alexander Wang ruched skirt
Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle' 120mm pumps (in 100mm or in leather 100mm)
Tom Ford 'Nikita' cat eye sunglasses


  1. I don't have MTV2! haha :) but I know something about getting obsessed with some ridiculous TV shows :)
    love you sunnies and heels!

  2. What's wrong with cherries in your drink? I love cherries! :) cute outfit, love the red bag with the simple shapes and colours of the skirt and top.

  3. you and your tv shows. Hope you are back in Atlanta safe and sound! I like the simplicity of this outfit!
    I'm reading from Paris right now.. hehehe.. but no celine bag shopping. :P I'll get you our photo when I get back!! Looking forward to any Asia posts (hopefully?) :)

  4. I haven't watched TV in far too long. Need some trashy trash in my life, guilty pleasures and all that innit. Really liking that ruched skirt.