Tuesday, September 18, 2012

16. i love you, club monaco

I stopped by the renovated Club Monaco store at Lenox Square and fell in love. The entire store has been gutted and redone in the most beautiful and most breathless way ever.


I'm such a Club Monaco fangirl, especially as their latest collections have just been KILLING it on the minimalist, clean, yet quirky front. There are so many details I've been adoring this season, like the knitted skirts, pencil skirts with leather panel insets, and zodiac printed silk shirts. If Club Monaco were a man, I'd marry him.

Maybe if I hung around the men's shop long enough, I'll find myself a new boyfriend?


Dear Club Monaco, I'm so sorry I took these paparazzi photos of your store. I just love it so much that I had to share. If you ever let me in to take legit photos of your new store, I swear I will not disappoint.


P.S. If you proposed to me, I wouldn't require a ring. Just get down on one knee with this Lauren Merkin gold sequin clutch. We'll take it straight to the altar.



Club Monaco leather quilted jacket
T by Alexander Wang pocket tank
Cheap Monday band aid skirt
Nike Free Run 3


  1. I love Club Monaco for basics - it's what I WISH GAP were. It's still *really* expensive in the UK though :(

  2. Seriously. I went for the first time last Saturday, sadly for only ten minutes, but was in love. Dare I say it, it might actually be better than the stores in Manhattan. They did such a great job.


  3. i wish we had club monaco in sydney!! nice outfit - the cat eyes look good on you!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  4. fell in love with that jacket when i went to the lenox store yesterday for the first time too. sa's were a lot pushier than what i remember from before though.

    1. I heard it's because CM is pushing SAs to meet their quotas more stringently. I think they're also trying to push for more sales post-renovation.