Thursday, August 7, 2008

what's yo number, baby?

Every now and then, I am absolutely floored by a street style picture of a man. It happens maybe once every six months or so. (Yes, I am that picky.)

When I saw this man on The Sartorialist today, my mouth literally hung open. He looks absolutely perfect. I love it all. The shorts, the jacket, the shoes, the sunglasses, even that Louis Vuitton planner (I HATE Louis Vuitton monograms). I want it all. God, why can't men who look like this not be gay or not be an asshole?

On days like this, I am reminded of the fact the world is not fair.

source: The Sartorialist


  1. I think it also helps that he's pretty goodlooking. ^^;; Definitely the confidence factors into his overall image. A lot of guys tell me they don't like men's high fashion because they're afriad of being accused of being queer. -___-;;

  2. yeah his look is cute !! the blazer is perfectly cut ! but his too small !! he should wear higher shoes !

  3. Haha! So true, my standards for men's styles rises and rises as I absorb all the sartorial goodness. Sometimes I think I'm really vain because if I'm checking a guy out I look at this shoes first- they tell so much!

  4. he does look good. like the legs. he's got some guts to stand out like that.

  5. Perhaps the world is fair, only not fair in your favour...

    he shaves his legs. He better ride bikes or moonlight as a drag queen.

  6. It's just aweful how good he looks.