Wednesday, December 3, 2008

if we met now, we wouldn't be friends

It's been unnaturally cold this week. Cold weather hinders my wardrobe plans. Mother Nature is a real bitch sometimes.

Did anyone else catch the Britney special on MTV last weekend? I felt so guilty for talking smack about her when she was more than a hot mess. My friend Tom really put my emotions succinctly:
"I think what I find the most tragic is that this girl is clearly not an idiot, but she also doesn't have the background or the education to articulate herself in a way that I think would make more people respect her."

top. American Apparel. bottom. Sisley. jacket. Warehouse. boots. Faith. necklace. Bebe.


  1. Oh lawdie! I love your jacket!
    I just watched the trailer for the Brit special... I totally agree with your friend... le sigh for the rich and famous.
    ps- thanks for the congrats!

  2. Great jacket!! I'm not usually a fan of big buttons, but I recently bought a black vest with big black buttons like that... haven't worn it yet. And yeah, I did feel sorry for Britney after watching her special... I think it's all a marketing ploy too though, like they want you to feel sorry for her and like her more. Worked for me! Haha.

  3. That jacket is dead on brilliance. I love the outfits you post. They are amazing and chic. Your absolutely lovely and charming. I loved the photos in the thanksgiving post. You take such amazing pictures <3

    + SO KUTE AZN!!!!

    on an added note the word verification code for my comment is "furby" haha.

  4. Love the jacket + top + skirt + necklace!
    it's a really great outfit!

  5. gosh i missed the thing they did on britt on tv :-/..

    that jacket is 100% rocked it

  6. Love that jacket and necklace! And sometimes I wish the media would just leave Britney to sort herself out in private.

  7. i love this outfit, chains pull it all together