Saturday, December 6, 2008

why is it called black friday?

Why is it called Black Friday? I thought it was because everyone starts shopping at the ass crack of dawn (most start waiting in line by 8pm or so), but Wikipedia tells me that it's referring to the heavy traffic "in comparison to the extremely stressful and chaotic experience of Black Tuesday.". That would have been my second guess.

I skipped the crowds and took advantage of the sale on Oak NYC, which finally arrived Friday. I finally got my hands on Surface to Air's three-finger ring, which I first spotted exactly a year ago.

complex geometries. boots. jeffrey campbell. ring. surface to air.


  1. The three finger ring looks awesome, and those boots look cool. Oh and I checked out the suh sangyoung collection, it was amazing!!

  2. nice ring. i was thinking about getting a 2-finger one myself.

  3. This is Liana's friend....and omg... I have to say... I am a huge fan of yours already... I can't help but to laugh at your thoughts and perspectives of your world... I seriously think you should become a theriously.... because I have never laughed so hard reading your blog and your thoughts... so...ummmmm I am your number 1 fan... my name is Andrew Kim... Nice to meet ya ;)

  4. Thanks for the good karma dear, haha I can't even the Aberzombies, and I'm making faces at them!

  5. Thank you. Haha you seem to be the only other person I know who is not really a Kanye fan either! I don't mind his music, but I think he's far too arrogant, no?

  6. cool ring! i want it too!
    lol at 'avid beer drinker' in your profile. you are friend. ;D