Sunday, December 28, 2008

shit... what does boisson mean again?

For some reason, traveling always = struggles for me. Had to fight jet lag this morning. Managed to finally roll out of bed around 10AM with the help of a very strong cappuccino. The late start to the day meant that we didn't get to do much. Just went to the Catacombes (damp, musty smells & dripping ceilings plus skulls didn't sit too well in the morning) and then hit the Virgin Megastore (for French rap CDs) before coming back home to eat take-out chinois/drink a big ass bottle of white wine/stuff my face with macaroons.

Going to Colette tomorrow as well as some other shopping joints. We shall see what I can scrounge...

She lights up blue at night and sparkles every hour for 10 minutes.

Givenchy store front window. Closed on Sundays.

Display for a flower shop.

Best shot I could get in the Catacombes without flash. There was a man following me the entire time so I couldn't even sneak in a flash shot.


  1. aaaah touch the PS1 at Colette for me pleaase! Tell it to send itself to me, they don't need it there at Colette ^-^

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I'm hoping to visit next year. How's the shopping in Paris? haha =P

  3. loving the pictures..especially the storefront pic.

  4. Oh lawdie!!! You should see the color shade of green I am now! Can't wait to see what you pick up from Colette (like a deep, deep forest green).
    Happy, Happy New Years!!!

  5. Boisson means drink I think, and if I've remembered correctly. Your pictures of Paris are lovely and I love the apartment window.

    I regret not going into the Sonia Rykiel store when I was there. :( Do pop in for me if you could haha. Can't wait to see the goodies you've gotten yourself.

    Have a good new year :)


  6. wooh, I think even though traveling can mean struggle sometimes ... GET UR A** OUT THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because everywhere in this world other than home (where there is a lot to have too but you already know most stuff anyway) THERE IS SO MUCH to have. DONT MISS OUT!

    haha, just my twopence. Anyway, enjoy your stay. hope u make the best of it!!!

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