Tuesday, May 12, 2009

whistle while you work

I'm back in Atlanta and trying to get settled back. Why is unpacking so hard? Lots of exciting things are happening all at once - one of which is that I'm looking for all the packages that I ordered right before I left for Cali. Why does the post never come on time when you look for them?

I'm trying to plan a vacation in early July. I'm going to be around Asia, so I was looking for some suggestions of where I should go. Give me your advice!

Kastyn Reid for Vanity Fair Italy, April 2009.


  1. Thailand is always fun, but don't go to the touristy parts, they suck you dry and give nothing back! However, if you go elsewhere it's rather hard to communicate unless you know Thai... hmmmmm...


  2. I hate unpacking! I generally just throw everything in the wash and voilahh I'm unpacked! Ohhh but check out Singapore! Fun!

  3. yeah unpacking sucks... ok so japan is fucking awesome, however is hella expensive.. China is super cheap but really really dirty... and Thailand you can find some neat jewelry finds... take a LOT of hand sanitizer... i think i was high off of it everyday i was in china....

  4. I just saw these photos on another blog- it makes me want to bleach my hair and learn italian.

    Nepal??? I'm just throwing a country out there because anywhere sounds awesome! I've never made it beyond europe.

  5. i have never left the continental USA, although i've had many chances. i'm majorly jealous! i have no suggestions though :(

  6. packin drives me wild...korea is apparently really cool

  7. haha love the pix!! and a want her bodystocking!!!!



  8. Eurgh, unpacking sucks, I always end up living out of my suitcase when I'm back home, until everything ends up going through the wash. And I hate when packages never arrive on time, or when they come and nobody is at home! Oooh and that second image, with the Felix t-shirt is divine :) Oh and yup, that NY Times shoot was fab, they had me on the first look!

  9. yay! welcome back to atlanta :-)

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