Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 2- Rome

Day 2 was spent in Rome, a city with an extremely long history filled with romantics (think "Roman Holiday"), gore (refer to "Gladiator" and "Ben Hur"), and opulence (see Luisa Via Roma). Oh yeah, and don't forget the Vatican ("The Godfather III," also known as Sofia Coppola's tragic acting debut).

A colorful street in Rome...

Inside the museum, sweeping staircases make me swoon.

Mother running with children from the molten lava from Pompeii? Or maybe a reference to King Harrod killing all the newborn before the birth of Jesus? So many stories could stem from this.

TOURISTS! Near the Spanish piazza.

Display of children's shoes.

At the Vatican, where the Pope says mass.

Godzilla took a bite out of this.

Whoever said that The Yellow in Rome was a designer hostel was sorely mistaken. Three spray painted stencils of Gorbachev is not decor. Also, Che is dead. Get over it.


  1. Looking forward to all the posts from your trip :)! I went to Rome last year and almost stayed at The Yellow, unfortunately the hostel I did stay wasn't that great either haha :)

  2. Whooo Europe!! Can't wait to see all your other posts! I hope you came back inspired!

  3. Ouch who told you to stay there?! But to be fair, that looks like all the other hostels I've ever stayed in. The one I stayed in while in Rome didn't have any kind of locked doors or locks and I was grateful I owned nothing of value at the time.

    And despite our conversations pre-trip, these shots you took look like you had an amazing time.

  4. Looks like tons of fun! Love your photos! Can't wait to see your future posts.

  5. there's a 20% off discount code on if you really want those wings hehe :)